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Dual DRM1 Major Drum with expanders - crosspatched [video]
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Author Dual DRM1 Major Drum with expanders - crosspatched [video]
A video of the new Bugbrand drum modules, recevied today (2x{DRM1+DRM1x}). This is almost the first thing I did with them. A rather lengthy, one-handed exploration of the possibilites. But it might be interesting, as it shows how these excellend drum synths can sound in a modular context.

The expander modules (DRM1x) provide a large number of patchpoints into the underlying drum synth circuits, e.g., envelope signals (4 per voice), osc waveforms (two per voice), osc sync and direct control of VCAs (2 per voice, bipolar with offset). Crosspatching the two drum voices makes it possible to transcend the "event" paradigm, and instead work with it as an organic, evolving sound texture. Enjoy.

Sequencing is done from the little trigger sequencer in the middle (old DIY by Tom Bugs) and a CV loop from a SEQ1 in the background. No other external equipment is used. Sound is lined, one voice to each channel (L & R).

A couple of photos of the combo:

nice moments in there
love the vintage bug sequencer!
love love
Some huge sounds in there. Filter sounds great too.
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