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No-input Major Drum experiments 2x(DRM1+DRM1x) [track]
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Author No-input Major Drum experiments 2x(DRM1+DRM1x) [track]
So I couldn't refrain from trying no-input playing on my dual DRM1+DRM1x setup! No sequencers, only self-triggering from various waveforms and such. Lots of crosspatching between the two voices, of course. Amazing variety of sounds coming out of these machines. Pretty complete synths on their own.

There were a few manual triggers, but not many. Only some reverb and slight compression added in mastering. No edits. Yes, I know it's long, but this is the way it was performed. A human time scale. Feel free to jump around.

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

A pic of the patch (some of the cables were added during recording, this is the end result):

An awesome jam indeed applause
bunch a good chunks in there... it does great fm eh? love the vacant bits around 16:00
dammit Palle ! This isn't helping my resistance !

would you do a single DRM1 and DRMX jam to see what could be done with that set up ?

radams, do you mean I'm helping your resistance, or helping to break it down? twisted

I won't have time to do such a jam today, I think, since I have to prepare for tomorrow's gig. But I'll try when I have a chance. Quite a few others here who could do it, too.

But my guess is that if you pair one DRM1+DRM1x with a few normal bug modules (an osc, SV filter, wavefolder, maybe a PT delay), you could get equally complex feedback results. So no need for a dual voice DRM setup, in theory. But it's always more than double fun 8_)

I think of it thusly: If one DRM1 is like a point, then one DRM1+DRM1x is like a line. Double that setup, and you get a square, not two lines. The possibilities increase exponentially. That is, of course, the reason for building larger systems, or getting two of everything (which my friends nag me about). It only works to a certain degree, though. Because your time runs out. seriously, i just don't get it

Thanks for the insight Palle
I fixed the typo in my post above
All the demos of these modules have been so good
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