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things to do with a Noisering
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Author things to do with a Noisering
I just got a Malekko Noisering second hand, it came with no documentation or anything, just screws I played around with it a little today but I wanted to hear what some of your favourite things to do with this module are. I'm looking for inspiration! Rockin' Banana!

thanking you all in advance
Audio Resistance
Run it thru a quantizer for sweet ASR type action.

Right now I am using it to control my Tiptop Z-DSP time ratio knob and feedback. I like mine alot more than the Wogglebug, but to each his own.
I use it as a sequencer mostly.
cv pitch and trigger/gate generator:

noise ring main out to quantiser
quantiser to vco freq cv
vco to filter
filter to vca
vca to speaker
noise ring clock out to envelope in
envelope controls amp and filter frequency
thanks guys I'm ging to go and try that quantiser trick right now

I don't know how anyone would want to sell one of these things once he's got it, tough luck for the guy I bought mine from. He said it didn't fit with his musical style but this thing is the shit I have it in a box with my wogglebug and I love it already using it with the quantizer and an ASR is deadly!
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