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Hey muff's, which big muff?`
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Author Hey muff's, which big muff?`
I like them details! Thanks for sharing them. 5088 trannies have a lower gain than the 5089 (which are in the Pharaoh). So the 5088 could potentially sound better in there, depending on taste. I got to dig into this.

Update: The gain difference is supposedly very marginal between the two. However other characteristic of the transistor could of course provide a different flavor compared to the 5089. Not to mention all the other mods you posted and component values difference in your clone vs the pharaoh.
Ok.. that's enough of my rambling.
love my black russian big muff... dont play it too often now... but it was my first fuzz and made my addicion started help ... i am more into fuzz faces or tonebenders... but every now and then i dig up that old rusty box and play it very loud! applause
i've owned a ton of muffs over the years, but am currently without a single one and actively on the search. previously i really enjoyed the offerings by skreddy, mainly the zero and mayo. right now there's a few i'm intrigued by; noel cornet (no longer made, but the most beautiful guts ever- google it!), tym big mudd, arc effects big green, stomp under foot and even the cornish p1/p2. which muff circuit is considered the highest gain with biggest/tightest bottom end?
Lottsa new ones from garage builders and boutiquie brands.

I like the options of diode switches, pre-boosts, and expanded EQ sections pre and post distortion stages.

I dig the blackout effectors musket and blunderbuss-both are excellent examples of the above
Jason Brock
Just got an Earthquaker Devices Hoof and it is excellent. Gives me that warm and fuzzy "you complete me" feeling. Or at least as much as a box of transistors and capacitors can.
I just picked up one of the spankin new green russian reissues and I'm really liking it (and the compact size). I stack an archer overdrive ahead of it to sweeten things up and bring back in some highs. Sounds mean with my bass too.
I've had a few myself, and found that the BYOC Large Beaver (which I built to Triangle specs) was my favorite. Triangle just seems to my ears to be the most musical, though the Green Russian would be a close second.

Vick Audio makes a few VERY nice clones of most of the Muff models (Triangle, Ram's Head, Purple Ram's Head based on David Gilmour's Animals tone I believe), and includes a mids-switch on all of them (mid-scooper (classic Muff tone), neutral, and mids-boost).

My favorite sounding Muff (which I've never played) is the Jam Pedals Red Muck. It's supposed to be somewhere right between an original Triangle and a Green Russian and sounds incredible.Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd - (Jam Pedals RED MUCK Crazy lo-fi sound!!!)

Also, that dude is CRAZY talented.
sutekina bipu-on
I need to hear the reissue black russian one because I foolishly tried to do transistor mods to my black Big Muff i bought new around 2005, killed it as it was my first soldering job ever, and then lost the guts to it. (I may have even cut the PCB out of the case, god damn what was I thinking)

I still have it around at my parent's place somewhere and really need to repair it.
The Grump
indexofmetals wrote:
i highly recommend the icbm fuzz - only clone I've come across that sounds as good as the early big muff that a friend had let me use for recording years back

This. Erik Miller is a wizard, and this pedal is SSIIIICCCKK!!
i bought the Muffuletta and i Muff uh love it!
I have a Bluebeard clone that is monstrous on bass. Would love to find an original Bluebeard or an original Rams Head to see how they compare.
or you can start with this circuit and mod from there until it pleases

Personally Eye always use soviet Bigmuff scored for $10 then heavily modified as my goto on bass tracks
The triangle muff is my personal favorite but that's just me. Gets so gnarly and doomy.
I’ve almost given on muff pedals untill I settled on the Basic Audio Tri/ Dirty Booster - a remake of a classic Hofner clone. Best muff I’ve played.
The Grump
+1 on the Euthymia ICBM. Erik Miller is a wizard, and used to work for Orban. He's still my amp guy, too. Does great work.
Id have to give my violent Rams Head the edge for just for the sustain alone. I also have a tall font green russian that I believe is broken but I wont get it fixed. There is a bizarre sweep on it that just kills on bass. One of those weird quirks that is irreplaceable
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