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Eurorack modular frames, Warlock Design
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Author Eurorack modular frames, Warlock Design
It is a way to build a eurorack frame with aluminum, like the frame is also modular

I started doing workshops in BEFACO for my first modular synthesizer and I ended up doing my modular frame, and helping to build frames for athothers.

I am not a business, I work by hand to build racks only for friends, my workshop is the result of years of accumulated knowledge.

I amb helping some friends of befaco doing himself his modular frame and they invite to me participate in muff wiggler forum, offering my experience and helping "openly" in the world, to somebody ho wants to construct his oun modular racks.

The aluminum manganese has amazing properties for a way to build profiles that can be assembled like a Meccano. Easy and robust at the same time

In this image you can see "the chest" that is the first step to bild a modular frame. Finaly we filled with various boards and tastes.

I call this way of building racks , Warlock Design, as the profile looks like a bird foot and i thing that's like a witchcraft

I hope, do this comments, are not an out of place or a problem,

awesome! I remember seeing a similar thread in the DIY thread? cant remember the name of the rails he used but it was a similar snap together kind of thing. Love the keyboard and joystick thats a nice touch.
Awesome! w00t
cannonball swandive
These are amazing! Any chance of a step by step building guide?
those look great. very clean and sleek looking. nice job.
Looks great indeed, agree on the keyboard with joystick, that would be a sweet controller/monosynth!
the keyboard frame looks awesome! I am sure a lot of people would be interested ... are these connectors sourced from standard parts?

ps. also did one of my first modules at a befaco workshop

[Note added:] +1 for a step by step building guide.
Yes! I'd love to know where together the materials and how to assemble this!

Thanks in advance.
I don't have a guide but I can explain,

I'm buying profile bars of 3 meters long and an a special disc for cutting aluminum with a simple miter machine

first I drawing that I wants to do, avoid losing material by mistakes, on a CAD
This allows me not to do complicated calculations, and knowing the exact cut that I must to do

once cuted I machined threads for screws at the ends of each mast

then machined via allen key to pass in each crossbar

I finally assemble to test, when a skeleton is mounted makes a clean sound like a tuning fork or a triangle instrument, if I forget some screw its sound like simple and horrible aluminium

In this step I ofer "the chest" to my frends in befaco workshop and himselfs fill his frame

When some people calls to me to do a finished one I fill plates at home and complete in befaco workshop with befaco complements like rail guide, bus and power sopply, but this is an other history

in other post must be esplain the warlock evolution.

thants to all

Gracias djthopa!
damn that's awesome
That is a great look!

Would love to change to a large frame that has this look in the future.
I tried not to lose any piece in evolution

by contrast, many parts can be expensive the final frame, then it is better to make a custom one.

this is a decision that left who will use, normal kits I ofer in Befaco are 84hp but I can cut from 1 to 196hp by level and 6 level for frame: 2 in horizontal stage, 1 in 45� stage, and 3 more in 75� may be possible, limit is the rail guide.

Minimal expression of a compact modular with power supply
Normaly, in workshop people ask to me how distribute power supply and bus hmmm.....

this is a good idea thumbs up

Very smart indeed!
Very nice indeed! Nice concept and great execution! applause
These are beautiful builds.
What are costs like?
Have you done anything with a lid that could be taken on a plane?

For kits prices you can visit this befaco forum, but customized ones must be consulted. For example, each single frame may cost 140 usd whithout power supply. Assembled PS adds 140 usd. Then, a completed forth levels may cost arround 700 usd plus taxes and delivery. This prices are for 84HP's. Larger frames might increase the cost.

On the transport question: I always prefer customized flight cases, for instance, I normally use "Stil Box"
This is the game of chance that allows the system profiles

windspirit wrote:
awesome! I remember seeing a similar thread in the DIY thread? cant remember the name of the rails he used but it was a similar snap together kind of thing. Love the keyboard and joystick thats a nice touch.

this was here:

@OP, very nice!! those 30deg angles are pretty awesome, I just used 45deg ones of the original openbeam l-breakets. sweet design!!

Very cool!
I wonder if they could be shipped flat-packed so the user could screw them together themselves (and supply their own power)?

We are making the same at the same time hihi
I am pleased to see that I'm not a wiggler bug!

I use this frofile
this allows angle 30 º to 30 º and fly with imagination


I offer kit for friends in BEFACO workshop, I think it is the same that I offer here, but it does not seem fair use muffwiggler as a shop, if you are Interested contact by private oops hyper

what you need! hmmm.....

This is the next station in Warlock Design project,

is the biggest than now I can do

Warlock 6000

1 meter large (196HP by level)
Until 6 octave keyboard
6 levels

I want contact with a musician than might need a frame like this for his study
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