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Powered Pedalboard?
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Author Powered Pedalboard?
I have the smaller gator pedal tote.. but i'm looking to get the big 30x16 powered one for the rest of my pedals... any luck with this guy? clean power? Thanks!
How are you powering the smaller one? and what are you going to put on it? All 9V pin hot pedals? Or a mixture of stuff?

My preference for large pedals with high/odd power requirements drove me to Pedaltrains with Voodoo labs power and I'm happy, but...spendy. 2x what you are looking at.
Uhm... smaller one is not powered YET. These i do believe are all going to be 9v battery and 9v wall wart style. I'm going to check into the pedaltrain and voodoo tho, thanks man. smile
I got the Pedaltrain Pro And I'm really happy with it, but it's big. It takes up a lot of floor. I'm using a Dunlop Brick for power, it's OK; works as designed but was a bit of a pain to secure underneath the frame.

The Pedaltrain comes with brackets for the Voodoo Labs powersupply. Looks like a easy install.

If you gig a lot you might want to think about a Pedal Snake. I can run 18VDC for the Brick, 9VAC for my Whammi and 2 effect send/receives all from the back of my amps. I just plug in four 5 pin DINs and I'm wired. One bigass cable.

Did I mention the Pedaltrain Pro is big?
We have a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus on the guitar pedal board in I, Parasite.

It's been totally solid, and I dig the two sag controls for starving pedals. Sounds great on a Noise Swash.
You can get the Pedaltrains in three sizes; the Pro is a little wider than the 30x16 Gator board mentioned above. The open rails are *killer* for routing cables.

What I like about the PP2+ is the complete isolation of the outputs. I have a 2 plug adapter for the MutronIII that I got from Lingenberg Sound, it pulls +9v from one lead and -9V from the other and needs isolated grounds. It won't work at all with the Dunlop or several other multi-9V things, in a bad smoke/fire/fried gear kind of way. The PP2+ is like, "sure, bring it!" A couple of adapters to handle the Moogerfoogers and 12V or 18V gear and I'm cooking.

Here's one fully loaded.
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