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battery pack for live eurorack
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Author battery pack for live eurorack
i would love to take my 4x 168hp into the subway and play live
out side

my roland micro cube is powered so that covers the sound
and all my mixing is done in rack

i have 5 tiptop uzeus

i guess i am looking at a inverter to give me 110v
but i don't want to be carrying a 50lbs car battery around

and help ? sad banana
anyone taking there modular outside
John Noble
I have done this.

You need to figure out the current consumption for each uZeus. If it's in the 500mA to 700mA range or under (add up the positive *and* negative rails for this, or just measure the AC adapter's current!), you could use AA nickel metal hydride batteries with success. I like and use Sanyo Eneloops. You'll get 2-3 hours at that discharge rate from a couple of 6-cell AA packs run in series (for a nominal 15.6VDC, but really more like 14.8V or so under load).

I recorded a track under full battery power a while back: 6U of Euro and a Tascam DR-07MkII field recorder, all running on AA batteries. See "fiery the angels fell" in my Soundcloud tracks. This is fun!

Add a little battery powered amp like your Micro Cube or my Vox Mini 3, and you're in business. thumbs up
John Noble
I should point out an alternative: an uninterruptible power supply, sold for computers. You want one with a sine wave output.
I use a portable car battery charger as a portable power source. The one I have has USB and ac outlets and a flashlight. It can power a small guitar amp for 2-3 hours.

Oh, it weighs about 10lbs.
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