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Synthwerks????? What happened?
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Author Synthwerks????? What happened?
What happened to Synthwerks? They had some great ideas.

Are they working behind the scenes?

I believe they said it would be a while before anything was available.
Sorry to all.. Our production is a little behind schedule but we plan on having a few modules by NAMM time. We are planning on releasing theses modules by then:

The FSR-1 Force Sensing Resistor module with a 1.5" sensor with Pressure, variable threshold Gate, and a Toggle gate outputs in a 8HP panel.
The FSR-4 Force Sensing Resistor module with 4 channels of .75" sensors giving Pressure and variable threshold gate outs each.
The MG-1 Manual Gate module that has a large fast-action arcade style pushbutton and switches a gate (or input signal) between two outputs (Up and Down) and has a 4-way Multiple.
The PC5V Patch Cord checker and +5V supply that checks patch cords and provides a 1/2Amp of +5V to the front panel jacks and to the +5V buss.

We have some other fun modules on the drawing boards that may make it by then too but these have the engineering done and if the protos work as planed will see the light of day soonest. We will be announcing them on Muff and Matrixsynth for sure. We won't take money or anything untill we have a bunch sitting ready to ship. There are some pretty cool designs coming along with those bread and butter modules that most need.
I will keep you all tuned in and work hard on that website which is nothing but a placeholder right now.
I hear you on how long it can take to get designs out there -- keep with it and best of luck -- your designs look ACE!
And, of course, you are doing the right thing by getting your act together before taking orders -- you'll have NO difficulty selling your designs.

cut with flourish
Respect for waiting until things are ready before you push them too much.

Looking forward to see if the video game button and joystick controllers make it to market.
i'd like to iterate to the community that it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, in light of the plan b/synthcase fiascos, to support companies like synthwerks (and bugbrand, monorocket, etc) that are DOING IT RIGHT, even when doing small runs.
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