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Re synthesis panels
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Author Re synthesis panels
Neal Beard
Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone knew when re synthesis might get back up and running with his shiny Hexinverter panels?

He's had a note saying due to workload the shop would be down till February...

Just wondering whether to make up a crappy panel of my own or wait a bit longer!

(and didn't want to mail him direct as being self employed with two kids and an obsessive hobby like this one I can totally relate to the overworked thing!)
I just ordered a MU panel from him this past week. Says its already shipped.
Neal Beard
Thanks for the reply - ok yes, I see that the MU stuff is orderable - but hexinverter stuff is not.

Might drop him a line then.

Anything I knock up with dymo tape will look totally crap compared to his pro designs... and i like my system to look good!

I didnt think they sold dymo anymore. Reminds me of my childhood.
Neal Beard
Hi all,

Just got my panel through from re-synthesis- it looks sweet- would recommend em to anyone!

I also bought the brackets to attach the pcb to the faceplate, the only trouble is I can't work out how to do it- doh!

Can anyone describe how to do it, or post a photo please?!
I found this: ket

theres a video on DIY brackets too on

I just ordered to materials to make the nein oh nein bass drum, stoked!
Neal Beard
Thanks - this forum is so cool- razz

Ahhhhhhhhhh yes, I get it now - I would never have thought of that!

Brilliant design solution!
just ordered a panel off ben yesterday to make a dual VCA with my dotcom
kinda running out of space.
He's cool
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