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Module upgrades/mods list, sticky?
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Author Module upgrades/mods list, sticky?
Wondering if it might be cool to have a sticky about the various mods and upgrades that can be done, like for example the A-119 swapping out with a TL074 for better performance.

I'm sure there must be tons buried in the forum, but due to the sheer volume of messages finding them can be tricky.

Good idea?
Great idea. There are mods for other formats that are fantastic as well, so perhaps a thread like that would be better suited for the general DIY forum.

There's always the Wiki as well. I think it would be wonderful to start consolidating more information in there, as that would make the massive amount of information in this forum both far easier to find and far easier to navigate.
^ great idea, and i agree with the call for wiki... not checked the muff wiki out yet. did a bit of that on another forum and will prob start here once i know what i'm talking about!

if we collect mods and upgrades here ill be happy to write them into a wiki entry in the new year.
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