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simulating a korg ESP?
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Author simulating a korg ESP?
Ok, one of the tracks that we play live is something that was originally recorded using the classic aphex twin drum machine through ms20 ESP, and of course i would like to build this patch on my current euro rig for live use.

Until now i had been simulating this with a patch i wrote on my nord g2 to get the same sounds and rhythm but there was no way i could get close to the krunky sound of those ms20 filters.

Now that i know about the SY02 i know that the filters are pretty close to the real thing so the only thing i am wondering is how to simulate what the korg External Signal Processor (ESP) could do.

The task of envelope follower is easy. I have two Maths modules which can handle that task.
Its the frequency to voltage i havent been able to find a satisfactory solution for.

I know some people have mentioned the PLL, but thats not really frequency to voltage.. thats more like frequency to kinda wonky square wave.. which is still cool, but not what i am after here.

So far all i have been able to find is the RS-35 and RS-30 from analogue systems. Dont know much about either tho.
As far as I know, the analogue systems modules are the only options in euroland; note that to properly emulate the ESP you'll also need a second set of LP and HP filters to fine tune the signal going into the F to V converter...
good point about the hp/lp filters
I dont really know what the details of these filters (6 dbB?) are but i guess i could use a couple of my qmmg channels to accomplish this.
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