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patch cable questions
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Author patch cable questions
looking at ordering some cables soon, ill be going with black as ive found a cheap supplier, though ill heatshrink the ends to give me some colour coordination... a couple of (noob) questions:

how many cables would be a good starting pont for a 9U system... i'm thinking 30 0.5m and 15-20 1.2m. too many, not enough?

whats the diameter of the plastic jack cover on the standard doepfer jacks? will 1.2cm heatshrink (shrinking to min 0.6cm) be alright for covering these?
The amount of cables you need will vary on how many jacks your modules have and what they do. As some will only have a couple and others will have a shit ton. Its always better to have too many cables than too few.
thanks, i started of counting jacks, halving them and then adding a few more for the number of cables... the system will grow anyway so maybe ill just but a ton in a couple of different lengths and be done with it; theyre less than 50c each and ill save on shipping.
Yeah just buy a load, you'll always need cables so it's better to have too many than too few This is fun!
50 cables is probably about right for 9U, although of course it depends on what kinds of modules you have. Something like the A-154/155 would consume almost an entire row and only require a few cables, whereas if that space was filled with clock dividers, sequential switches, mixers, attenuators, and oscillators, you'd have to take that into account. But all that crap aside, you should be set with 50 cables of various lengths. Just make sure you err on the side of long cables - short cables are great for keeping things organized, but cables that just barely reach can lead to some wonderful annoyances.

The best advice is to just get a ton of cables in one go, take advantage of bulk pricing, and be done with it. One of the annoying parts of modulars is keeping up with the extra things when expanding (cases, cables, racking, power supplies, busboards, even mounting screws), so it's nice to pick up extras and have one less thing to worry about.
thanks guys, having just counted the jacks i have arou d 200... lots of small modules and a fairly dense rack... ill go with 100, probably 0.5 and 1.2 metres... as you say NV, one less thing to worry about.

the good news is after grabbing another G6 ive plenty of space to build from... have 3U empty to start with and then will be looking at grabbing a couple of MW bus boards so i can start filling a couple of 3U subracks, one of which i already have.

any news on the diameter of the plastic jack plugs? (sleeves?)

once ive got this done all i need next is a drum99, 160/161 combo (probably) some midi-cv and i'm all set. smile
1.2 metres is alright for 9U... if you have it in like one loooooong row.

It'll be a mess if it's a normal 9U case, or 3U directly above or below 6U, etc.
The shorter the better.
- which isn't to say that you won't be able to use longer cables; they come in handy when interfacing with other kit. OR, as some do; simply expand their rig in like one big rack cabinet, in which case you'll need long cables to go vertically.

oh, re. the diameter of the alltronic jack plugs are like around 10 millimeters. You'll probably have issues with some modules where if you shrinkwrap the plug you won't be able to fit the jacks next to each other.
thanks for the info; ill make sure i leave some of them plain w/out any heatshrink then... i wonder how useful coloured ends will be tbh; coloured leads would be ideal really.

final plan is for a row of 2x9Us side by side... the 1.2ms should reach diagonally from too to bottom, if not ill get a few longer if/when i need them.

shame the place doesnt do 0.3m as i think 0.5s might get a little messy. thanks again. smile
My 12U did pretty nicely with only 60cm cables. You'll do fine smile
12mm heatshrink should be ideal, and colour coding is definately the way to go, for a few years I just had all the same colour (black) and it was amazing what difference using colour coded ends on the cables made.

50cm and 120cm are very handy sizes, you might want some 30cm as well, as already mentioned get more than you think you need if they are cheap enough, make sure also that the cables are quite "floppy" as rigid cables can be a pain when tweaking (often short cables are prone to this)

Also whilst you are going at it with the heatshrink you may want to pick up some 1/4" jacks to make some adapter cables - perhaps 1.2m or longer if you are planning on using your MD etc. to trig the modular.
^ nice one, ill grab moreof the 0.5s and less of the 1.2s then... dont want to get too messy andthe chances of patching regularly from diagonal top to bottom have to be pretty slim...

one other semi related aquestion is that i read someoje on here uses stereo splitter leads (ipod style Y leads) to substitute as 'stackables'. are stereo leads alright for this... i know be said they worked but they cant do any harm can they?
Shouldn't do any harm to use stereo, but you can get mono ones pretty easy, or just make up a little mult box using mono sockets. thumbs up
cheers daren, ill grab some of those then: pretty sure the stereo splitters cost next to nothing out here and not seem any mono versions... of course if bkk cable guy gets his arse out bed ill get some split mono nuetrik copys made up for cheap... he's never there though.

very much enjoying your avatar identity crisis btw lol
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