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Labview to Control the Modular?
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Author Labview to Control the Modular?
Just curious if anyone has used Labview to control their modular. I've used it for years as a student and in my current research scientist position to automate experiments and collect data, so its something I've always considered trying. I'm mainly curious what kinds of interfaces people have used.
Well yes smile

I am working on a sequencer, still work in progress.

Did use it for envelopes and freq. to voltage converter.

I have the NI Rio GPIC evaluation board, it's very cool because it can run on batteries and it's standalone

You can program it your self via. Ethernet, the evaluation period is 6 months I think, so it will be enough time to do something serious

This one is cheaper but it doesn not have so many I/O's

There is also this, but not as standalone:
That's cool...thanks for the links, I'll check those out. I was looking at their usb multifunctional DAQs, but they are a bit more than I want to spend.
The evalutaion kit with LCD is very cheap actually, it's not calibrated, but it doesn't really matter for moduler, you can always offset it within the software
Can LabVIEW be used to program other types of boards? I know LabVIEW quite well (background in science) but I know very little about the hardware side of Eurorack. Is it realistic for me to think of actually designing my own modules (and potentially producing/selling them), all using LabVIEW?

Interesting. I'd think it could indeed be a "mega-module" but LabView's design intent was not real time audio manipulation so it may not have anywhere near the sample rates or processing power needed to make a DSP module. But as a monster CV generator it would probably be a lot like Expert Sleepers type hardware, but much more expensive due to the "science!"y precision requirements of laboratory equipment. I dunno seriously, i just don't get it
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