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Plan B M13 as a mixer
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Author Plan B M13 as a mixer
I'm without a system mixer and as I look at my planned finished suitcase it's basically coming down to either the Plan B M13, which I really like, or the Plan B M9 mixer.

Since I've got the Polivoks filter, which has a two-input mixer like the M13 does, I think I'd be set between the two--but I haven't heard or seen many detailed demos of the M13 (the one on the Plan B site is just worthless). Basically I'd just like to patch the sum out of the M13 as my main out from the synth, but I want to know if that's reasonable or if I'd just be limiting my sound.
I've had an M13 for a short time. I can't directly answer your question, but I have the polyvoks too. I'd be glad to patch something up for you and record it so you can hear. let me know either here or in a PM.
i have both m13 and m9. sure, the model 13 can do simple two-channel mixing no problem, but i wouldnt pick it up just for that. the m9 is a *really* nice design. its like a matrix mixer, sort of. each input can be routed to output A, output B, or no output--AND each input has its own output if you want to use it as a simple attenuator. you can think of the m9 as two separate mixers (3 and 2), or a three input mixer and two attenuators, or one attenuator and a 4-channel mixer, or etc etc etc.

so do you want to show us what you have, so we can pitch our opinons at you? do you like LPGs? the m13 is a great module for LPGs IMO.
Nah, I've got the Polivoks and already know how that sounds as a filter/mixer, so I'm more or less just interested in this application for the M13. I'd be fine just using the Polivoks, but I like to use that as a sound source a lot, which is why I need another mixing option.
You will probably find yourself needing a dedicated mixer. Two inputs won't be enough and your patches will sound too similar. The Cyndustries LPG is a Peter Grenader design, so their sound samples are probably a good indication of the model 13's character.
I really dig the design of the M9, I plan to get one (or two) eventually once my system expands. I guess I was more or less thinking: dedicated mixer or filter with mixing capabilities?

After listening to the Cyndustries samples, it would probably be better to get the M9.

See here:

Just wondering what I should use to fill that space, 'cause it's all I got left at this point (minus the AFG and the Malgorithm, which will get here eventually at their own pace). It's 14hp, which is just right for the M9. Damn the Dual Cyclotron for being so large.
I love using the M13 as a mixer. That was half the reason I bought it.
I think I'm just gonna get the M9... it's so (relatively) cheap and it can do CV and audio mixing in the same module. I think once I get enough saved up, I'm gonna get the Tyme Sefari+Sound of Thunder to swap out with the Dual Cyclotron from time to time. That would leave me with an extra 10hp of space... not enough for the M13, but enough for two ELFs or one of something else.
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