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Using Euro Sequencers with Frac Oscs
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Author Using Euro Sequencers with Frac Oscs
Hello everyone.

First time poster. Long time lurker and sythnhead.

I want to build a Turing and some of the awesome stuff from here

I am a sequencer nut.

My question is - I know Euro uses -5 to 5 and most Frac is -10 to 10.

Is there a module that up converts and scales the voltage to plug into between the euro and frac? So that you can still get variation over the full range.
TheDegenerateElite wrote:
Is there a module that up converts and scales the voltage to plug into between the euro and frac? So that you can still get variation over the full range.

Since you're talking on sequencers I think you're mistaken. Both Frac and Euro are 1V/Oct if it comes to musical intervals.
I guess it slipped my mind that the voltage is variable at each step depending upon where you set the pots.

Any idea if that is true with the Turing Machine? That it goes to 10 to 10?
From -10V to 10V would span the range of 20 octaves. Since the hearing range of humans is suppossed to be 10 octaves only I doubt that there many sequencer out there that span this range. Possbily there's non.

To my best knowledge most (all?) sequencer output positive values only. Out of the top of my head Blacet's Hex Zone does not cover the range from C to C9. So I doubt that a Frac sequencer spans a 10V/10 octaves range. However, I could be wrong.

It might be desirable to go well beyond the hearing level if the voltage controlled VCO is used as a LFO etc. However, could always tune the VCO into the sub-audio range respectively patch an offset voltage to it.


The -/+10V (Frac) vs. +/-5V or +/-8V (Euro) is basically relevant for VCA, EG, and trigger/gate signals etc. but not for sequencers.
I don't think most Frac is +/-10V -- I think it tends to be +/-5V or 0to+10V - ie. 10V P-to-P.

Much euro can be +/-2.5V (ie. 5V p-to-p) - not all by any stretch.. it is wild west.

If you want to limit the voltage swing, simplest way is an attenuator.
Are you getting confused with the VCAs? I think the Blacet VCAs take 10v to open.
All my other gear is Paia and Blacet. So VCAs etc are not an issue.

The big complaint I had heard interfacing Frac and Euro was the internal voltage cv issues between modules. But apparently this isn't much of a concern.

The sequencer selection is very limited.

Metalbox is nice, but spendy, and also appears to mostly drum module oriented. Awesome, but I have yet to really to start up a drum rack.

I don't mind the Hex Zone, but I prefer to have individual knobs for each step.

The Turning Machine (which is just an oddball but sounds cool), Pittsburgh Sequencer, In.t Metropolis, and the SympleSeq are all really interesting. Anyone have experience using these with frac?

Probably go with a Pittsburgh 90 skiff and then I'm in deep enough to keep going as they say.

Ty guys for the help.
Have you considered an Oberkorn?
It's a full rack-width instead of just a module, but would still fit nicely into a frac system, if you have the space.
I have an SL16 that I use with some of my keyboards.

The newer "knobby" version is a bit expensive honestly.
The joystick in in a battery powered box by itself. I am using 4 Blacet PS500 Power Supplies. I really need another one but they don't sell them anymore.
The short answer is that you won't have any trouble with what you're trying to do at all.

A little more detail:

Frac audio signals are standard +/-5V. Blacet VCAs by default open from 0-10V (though there are some mods out there to lower it to 5V.) The only thing I can think of that would go to -10V would be an inverted (via Mixer/Processor) gate signal.

Either way, the 1V/Oct standard still holds true across the formats, and the safe voltage range will be similar. If anything the Frac gate signals might be a little hot for some Euro modules, but if they're designed properly, they'll be able to handle that too.

I wouldn't worry about it at all. If you have a specific module in mind that you are worried about, I would just check the specs, or shoot a quick email to the mfg. They're usually all quite responsive and helpful.
Endrio wrote:
I am using 4 Blacet PS500 Power Supplies. I really need another one but they don't sell them anymore.

Check this new one out:
PS800 Power Supply +15/-15V @800/800mA
Enclosure: 5.2 x 3.95 x 1.85"
IEC power input, compatible world wide. Power switch.
Power cord included for US and Canada orders.
Use with PSCONN3 and cable...........$139

Can be used as replacement for PS505 on original Raks.

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