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[audio] Axis of the sky - KNYST live @ Halo#4, Fylkingen, SE
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Author [audio] Axis of the sky - KNYST live @ Halo#4, Fylkingen, SE
So, I did a quadraphonic modular gig with lots of fancy panning and stuff... now presented in full blown stereo hihi

Please bear with me - it's a slowly evolving piece, and highly dynamic (as in very subtle at times). Headphones or good speakers is a must!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=1759637198 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

[corrected some grammar mistakes]
These last two things you've posted have been great . Your commitment to your art is in full bloom . This is beautiful to me . Thank you so much .
shady smiles
Beautiful. Love the evolution. The chimes are really haunting.


Curious how the audience were situated... Seated? Moving through the space? I'm guessing in quad there were some really dynamic sweet spots in the room.
Thanks bug fellows! SlayerBadger! Guinness ftw!

It is a highly playable patch, but at the same time quite complicated to keep track of as there is a huge amount of control parameters to deal with.
Nevertheless, when all parts of the patch are active, it is almost an entity of its own.
I was pleased with the performance, especially since it felt better than my studio rehearsals - just wish I had recorded it in quad!

re audience:
they were seated in the center of the square surface between the speakers, and I was as close to them as possible, to hear what I was doing and to create an intimate atmosphere.

re quad:
I had two panners moving within the system, then the stereo out went into an Addac803 Quadraphonic Spacializer - all of them panned with a different modulator, making it all move in a semi predictable way.
Note to self: buy a H4n before the next quad gig... Dead Banana
Really nice applause
cheers construct09!

Anyone hesitating to listen through the whole thing: Hop in at the 2 min mark, and you'll know what's it all about pretty soon.
It *is* a slow and minimalistic intro, which might not be for everyone. (It is the complete performance - warts and all) thumbs up
great stuff. I love that whatever equipment you are using I hear your voice coming through. and what is that sound at 17 min's?
Finally got to listen on good speakers.
Great composition and soundscapes. Most impressed that it was a live take.

we're not worthy
Gringo Starr
Damn the link doesn't work on my computer!
indexofmetals wrote:
great stuff. I love that whatever equipment you are using I hear your voice coming through. and what is that sound at 17 min's?

Thanks a lot!
Part from the synthetic rhythm (which ends about there), you can hear a modified Sonic Forest (the white thing with wires in the photo).
It is present throughout the performance, used both as a controller and sound source/instrument. 8:00-8:30 is a nice example... Heavily struck at 6:43 and 12:10.

@fredguy: cheers!

@Gringo Starr: If the player/embedding doesn't work for you, go here: thumbs up
Great piece been listening to it on off a lot.
Awesome performance, so spare & tense applause applause

what's in the wood box ?
Thank you both Guinness ftw!

@phil: It's a passive unit. Wooden box with piezos, strings and output jacks.
I play it with a thin springy piece of steel (from a road sweeper brush), plus my hands/fingers.
oh, but I was talking about the one visible on the right of the picture, with the red and green led lights hmmm.....
d'oh! sorry! hihi

I'll try again:
It's a small diy case with some euro modules (see here)
The Bug stereo out goes into the ADDAC803 Quadraphonic Spatializer - the rest are just to modulate the ADDAC803.

I never added this to the 1st post since the recording wasn't quad anyway, but now you know smile
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