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The Ultimate Cracklebox
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Author The Ultimate Cracklebox
Chrome Dinette
I have built a few of these for friends of mine in the past, and after reading of the death of Michael Waisvisz last week, I decided to use my last 709 to build this:

Due to the woofer in a ported enclosure with a tweeter, this thing is way more efficient(louder) than most crackleboxes with a small speaker. There is a significant amount more bass as well.

I installed a line out, for stadium use.

It runs on two 9 volt batteries(in parallel, so they last longer).

The contact points are pennies.
Dono-Kun Dance

that is freaking awesome
Muff Wiggler
you keep upping the ante, i love it

that is absolutely fantastic. consideration of stadium use is the final shotgun blast of victory

i'm waiting to see you start making tesla coil amps out of surplus russian military jets or some shit. mental.

i love it.

actually, now that i think of it...

i was watching microwave plasma ball videos on youtube the other day. someone needs to figure out how to both keep them lasting longer, and how to tune the crazy-ass noise the microwave makes when they are happening. you could make some utterly psychotic microwave-plasma-ball-synth-oscillator. it would be fun at least 'till the cancer finished you off

pardon me i have been hitting the Guinness today and I'm just inspired with all the great stuff you are building. I really enjoy seeing these, and I find the big, noisy, crazy, loud stuff is a wonderful counterpoint to the small, delicate, precise little synth modules that we talk so much about. thanks again for posting your builds here, it's a huge stoke
that has to be one of the most awesomest -tm- things i've seen for a while.
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