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I want the ultimate mixer module!
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Author I want the ultimate mixer module!
Ok, the perfect merger-splitter which is the perfect companion to Muff's perfect VCA:

1 to 3 / 1 to 3 / 2 to 1 / 2 to 2 / 4 to 2


1 to 5 (send an A out to B in)


4 to 2


2 to 1 / 2 to 1

*the AB X CD is switchable to

AB out + CD out


ABCD out +ABCD out


2 to 3 / 1 to 3 (connect CD to A or B in)


2 to 5 (connect CD to A in, A out to B in)

Muff Wiggler
Argitoth wrote:
What is the sign of a good VCA or bad VCA?

Same as the signs of a good (or bad) CD Player, Amplifier or speakers: Frequency Response, Distortion, Noise Level.

Argitoth wrote:
Another question, do you ever need to split 1 to 4 signals?

Yes, everyone does. Usually more than 4. That's what multiples, and sometimes buffered splitters, are used for.

Argitoth wrote:
And another, is there a quality difference in modules that are simply in/out without any VC such as mergers / splitters? Is there different levels of attenuation quality? Or is it just VCA?

I'm not sure what you mean. You can't have a VCA without VC options. In an attenuator, I don't really think quality matters - an attenuator is an attenuator is an attenuator. A VCA is not an attenuator (although it's often helpful to think of them as such), and there are quality differences between VCAs.

Mergers are mixers, yes quality difference. Splitters are multiples - no quality difference, it's just wires connected together.

Argitoth wrote:
Ok, the perfect merger-splitter which is the perfect companion....

that's a cascaded multiple. About a bazillion different people make them for modular synths, because they are basically the easiest thing to make, and something everyone needs. However no-one needs someone else selling cascaded multiples, I swear you wouldn't be able to sell a single one. Market is flooded and most people usually make their own.
Man, I'm beginning to think I better keep the DIY stuff to myself since I realistically wouldn't have time for testing and re-evaluating such products. Not to mention I don't know a thing about circuit boards yet. And not to mention I have no experience yet with modular synths so I don't even know what is considered quality and what is not.

Matter of fact, I want to build myself a supersaw module that can output 4 or 5 or however many saws I can fit and each saw output has its own fine tuning control. Who knows how good the pitch tracking will be, the quality of the saws, etc. I don't think I could sell that without having at least a few years of experience building modules and knowing quality differences.
Muff Wiggler
it's all a learning experience, i think that's why were are all here 8)
well i have plans to create my own modules from scratch too but by the time i'm ready who knows where through hole parts will be.

i started just buying pre assembled modules and not even considering building. then i got the itch and built my first blacet kit and some multiples.

i have since ordered a kit from elby(still not built) and have made two more modules from blacet. i've also built some blacet power cables.

i will continue to build more blacet and soon enough get the CGS,Elby stuff going. who knows what else after all that.

eventually i think i'll be to a point where it might be worth designing my own pcb's etc. but i feel there's enough options out that it's not worth it yet.

i might sell some color coded patch cables later this year for as dirt cheap as possible, but don't quote me as i haven't worked out the fine details yet.

but yeah, good luck wherever you head. i think the custom cases thing is smart. i'd lean on that if i was you and use it to finance your modular venture.

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