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live eurorack 4/25 @ warp zone
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Author live eurorack 4/25 @ warp zone
this is the second time i've played at this venue here in my hometown. it's a great time, a nice DIY place with a roomy basement, plenty of couches, BYOB&W, really friendly people that are open to more experimental stuff. now that i felt like i knew the crowd a bit better i was able to be a little bit more aggressive with the noise elements and vocals and such. it was a good time.

the audio could have turned out better (recorded with a room mic) but it definitely captured the more lo-fi aggressive sound of this set.

there wasn't a PA provided, which had me a little worried - what i ended up doing was running the bass part (just the triangle wave of OSC A on the DPO) into an Ampeg 100 watt bass amp, and the higher pitched melody into a tube amp set on top for full 'tower of power' effect. vocals blended between the two but mostly the tube amp. it got LOUD, and it sounded really interesting. i definitely prefer the sound of a good clean PA, but this sounded good too in a different way - and i didn't blow anything up! worth trying if your setup will allow it. having a separate amp for the low parts was key.
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