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SPIKE the Percussionist

i have wanted to get a Machinedrum for many years now...

looking at the Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII.

i already have an OT8.

do i need the UW version since i have an OT8? having the +Drive really necessary?
do you run out of room quickly without the +Drive?

thanks for any info!
Classic SPS-1 UW owner here, bro 8_)
2.5 megs of memory is enough for drum hits and that alike,
especially if you use old sampling tricks like:
pitching up samples before you transfer them to the MD (pitch them down in the MD) = makes the sample shorter and smaller in size.

To save space (32 slots for samples) you can string a couple of them together in one .wav/.aiff file and then set the start/end points manually (this way you can get a couple of different samples in one slot wink )

The main differences between the MK-1 & MK-2 are:
MK-1 = 2 Bars in the form of "pages"*
MK-2 = 4 Bars

*patterns are chainable so you could chain together a couple of patterns for variations, etc.

+Drive allows more storage for the whole Machinedrum,
both samples and user patterns+kits (& songs, I guess)

Either way the internal synthesis models/machines are delicious and they're the same on the MK-1 & MK-2

It's so easy to backup everything via Turbo-MIDI that I don't see a point in upgrading to the MK-2

But if I had to choose now and I didn't have either, I'd probably go with the MK-2 because of the 4 bar patterns… But then on the other hand the TR-808 only had 32 steps per pattern so to speak LOL

If you wanna save a couple of bucks, get the "classic"-MK-1
Leaves you with a little extra dough to spend on something else hehe
Owned a MkI for years, then upgraded to the MkIUW; now rocking a MkII UW+Drive

Personally I'd recommend the MkII for the 4 bar patterns, as I think that is a real value add / is important to me.

Backing up / restoring is quite easy, so the +Drive is not overly nessecary, but is a very handy feature if you work on multiple projects / use it heavily in the studio. Can use a different +Drive snapshot per song..

I've never really used the UW too much... but that is down to me as a user rather then the machine. Again, handy function to have.
In short, to get full potential out of the Machinedrum, hell yes. It can resample itself on the fly and then you can mangle the hell out of that with the sequencer.

Well worth it.
I also had a MKI without UW, later upgraded to the MKII with UW (still no +drive though). The sampling aspect definitely gives the Machinedrum an edge.
I decided to go without the UW as i have tons of samplers..

I _would_ like my own sample kits/loops in the MD, i think it would be a great addition, more streamlined everything from one unit.. but the extra £££ put me off..

MD has only 8 pattern banks which i think is a bit stingy.. ive pondered getting a +drive upgrade.. but at the moment i use Sysex backup which is no big deal really.. 8 banks is enough for what your working on at once.
I've had both the SPS-1 MK1 and now have the UW MKII, along with an me, the MD UW feature is really indispensable. I don't load my own samples into at all, I use it primarily to live sample MD patterns as they are running and then manipulate them to hell. It's very simple and quick to do this on the MD and always results in something much cooler than I could get otherwise. I use the Octatrack in a similar way, but for a multitude of reasons it's not as quick or intuitive and the results are never quite the same as doing it directly within the MD. Long story me, the UW feature is really killer and not to be missed, particularly if you like creating fractured, messed up rhythmic patterns.
Was wondering the same thing when I got my MD. Ended up getting the MK II UW+ and happy that I did. Nice to have the extra features and you always get something you didn't expect when sampling & rearranging stuff with the ram machines. I'd say if you're going to spend some €€$$ on a MD, might as well go all the way!
Does the Machinedrum do microtiming? That's one of my favorite parts of the OT.
SPIKE the Percussionist

looks like i should wait and get the UW version.

found a great price on a new MkII but it doesn't have the extra bells and whistles.

thanks for all the info everyone!!!!!!
msprigings wrote:
Does the Machinedrum do microtiming? That's one of my favorite parts of the OT.
Doesn't look like machinedrum is capable of microtiming.
I've read about people finding ways to counteract this, but it seems to be a pain in the ass.
This lack of functionality is making me look at other gear despite all the machinedrum love I've seen.
acidicfeces wrote:
msprigings wrote:
Does the Machinedrum do microtiming? That's one of my favorite parts of the OT.
Doesn't look like machinedrum is capable of microtiming.
I've read about people finding ways to counteract this, but it seems to be a pain in the ass.
This lack of functionality is making me look at other gear despite all the machinedrum love I've seen.

I agree. I actually like the sound of the MD however I really like going "off the grid" so that's a bit of a bummer. That is one nice thing about an MPC or similar.
Yeh, no micro timing.. but swing trigs per track (same % on all tracks)

You have to accept its limitations then you feel the benefits of its direct intuitive feel.

I get lost in the rhythms with the machine drum.. not in stats.. it took me to realise this to see it in a new light.

I actually use it to step sequence my MPC sometimes.. then record the midi to the MPC sequencer because of the MD interface.
I own the SPS-UW Mk.II with no +Drive. Previously I owned a MK.I without UW. The sampling capability really expands what the machinedrum can do but the limited sample size really does force your hand. When I first got mine, I promptly loaded up with all the classic Roland machines, some Linn sounds and so on till I used up all the memory. A +Drive would let you store sounds in reserve but what I quickly found was that without the extra space, there was no room for sounds I wasn't actively using. It prevents you from building a library on the machinedrum. I got better at recreating classic sounds with the internal machines and now only have a couple drum sounds that I cannot do without saved in the ROM and use the remaining slots for other sounds that are a part of whatever current project I'm working on. Elektron really seems to want you to get by with less, really get in there and make a sound work for the situation, instead of have ready made sounds set to go for whatever situation. If you don't mind working like that, I would recommend you save yourself a bit of money and get one without the +Drive.

As for microtiming, being able to disable swing per step helps a lot to move beyond your 16 steps but the UW is what really frees the machinedrum rhythmically for me. By messing with sample speed and start times for individual sample triggers you can get into similar grooves that the OT/A4 microtiming lets you.
Check the different divisions on the clock for "micro-timing"
If you run the MD at 2X speed then you have to program everything with 2X longer gaps/steps so you can get 32nd notes,
Not micro-timing enough?

Run the master sequencer/internal Tempo at Double Tempo (for example you're working at 100, set the Tempo to 200 and program half-as-longer) then you'll get "4X sizing" with the scale thumbs up

It depends on the Tempo you're working on

There's also 3/4 speed
and 3/4 speed at double time (marked 3/2X on the Elektron gear)

This changes the PPQN values and I'm currently experimenting with that…
Run the MD as master (for the first time, it was always the Monomachine)
at 3/4 double speed and the MnM as 3/4 normal but use the arps to gain the speed back, use the sequencer as a "transpose" sequencer (3/4 speed; slower) and the arp as the melody.. Oh the possibilites are endless!! Rockin' Banana!
oh and you can also work with the swing

if you want to "pull notes behind" the hit (i.e. retrograde offset/swing)
you can place a note in the 2X speed (fast = higher detail) one step before the "actual" hit and swing that step 80% so it will in reality become -20% from the "actual" step/hit. Make sense?

1xxx5xxx "normal"
Xxx4Xxx8 (retro-grade/backwards swing; high-swing value)
Machinedrum was my first drum machine. I loved it for how out in space you could get with it. However, what I found that I loved most was the TR sounds and thus have gone the way of so many of those before me - chasing the TR sounds.

I remember the one time I played with it live in a band, we had a song where I would take the delay parameters and mess with it. I remember the audience kind of blown away by my sound. We brought it down to silence and then had another crescendo later. I guess it may have been kind of unusual for a band to play this kind of music in a coffee shop. It was a really good feeling to make these wild helicopter sounds.
sorry wrong thread.
replied to comment from 4 years ago oops
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