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big pauper!
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Author big pauper!
does anyone have and big pauper synths?? i have the basic cable and it is pretty cool. there needs to be more vids with video and audio synths on youtube or something! right?? i just got a av to usb converter and i should be putting up videos the day i get it in the go to the thift store for some cheap weird vhs's...anything with a lot of action and color makes the vid almost seem synced up with the rhythm.
What are big pauper synths?
Revok wrote:
What are big pauper synths?

Apparently circuit bent glitch things

Big Pauper is amazing. I'm not very familiar with his circuit bends, although they look very interesting, but I love his music and videos. I guess he's a part of Folktek.
I've posted this one a few times before. I just love it so much!

ya man hes cool as hell and after emailing him about my purchase he seems like a super nice dude. cool vid btw turo00, very sexual..i dig. haha ya but i got the basic cable from him for like 200 and its so much fun, live video synthesis really adds to a show if you do it right. old anime and like kids action cartoons are the best to tweak much color.
I just cant get over the brass contact points on mixers I would find that super annoying for live

I have bent one of my ave5 with cv inputs and buttons which for my setup is preferable

like his own videos though, they are good fun
im actually good on my little basic cable haha, he's a real good time..if you have a lot of vhs's i would buy those from you for dimes and nikles haha.
I have one of his bent video synth beasts and its heavenly!

Here is a video I made last year where I recorded my whole set with a Zoom Q3HD and then I just ran the recorded video into the Big Pauper (it was originally a WJ-ave3) non touch version. Its wonderful!!! I'm actually about to sell some gear to get his 2 channel mixer because I love his machines so much.
introvert!'re the reason why im into glitch and video synths and are the fucking man! i think i've watched glitched out like 50 times no joke! you need more videos!!! i just put up my first video with my basic cable and machinedrum...not that sweet but (just a trial run) ill be putting more up soon. i have a whole game of instruments that will be used as well as my machinedrum. you seriously are why i do this so check out what you inspired!!!
Wow man! Thanks for the awesome compliments, really glad I can inspire, I just like making weirdness thats fun to me, so I'm glad you can enjoy me having fun. Seriously man, thanks! Sorry though if I'm financially a bad inspiration, I love gear!! smile

That video you made is awesome! I love the look and the noises your making. That little basic cable machine looks like an incredibly flexible little unit. It has a drastically different look than the video machine I have. Good to know!!

Keep up the weird stuff man, its really cool!

Also, I'll try to make some new videos soon. The problem is just finding the time. I try to post clips and whatnot on my instagram pretty regularly, but I agree with you, I do need to make more "youtube videos'

Thanks again buddy!
I desperately want to get my hands on a Basic Cable. It looks like a really interesting device.
i'd like join the chorus if i may...
basic cable IS awesome and Drew IS super nice.
ditto for Logan@tachyons+.
i'm wondering what would happen if i ran one thru the
other(i know,just DO you F'n oaf...)
somewhat OT,i just inherited an 80s vhs player and a
crt t.v.
since i have less than no space to put it,will i fry something
if i put the player on top of the t.v.
i know there is a distinct possibility of player falling off if i
do that,but...
BPMC is the nicest, most usable video glitch stuff I've played with. I've used the tachyons + as well, but found it unintuitive and hard to get interesting results. I wonder when Drew will come out with something new?
i like them both fine,but Drew is indeed the man...
i don't know if such a thing is possible,but a datamosh box
would be ****ing great...
I know I'm rather late to this thread, but i just bought a premium cable and i have to say I'm delighted with it. Managed to pick up a super-cheap data video mixer with time based correction to plug it into. Its lovely.
The only problem is, its lead me here and now I want to spend 1000's of dollars on a LZX system. Never mind wink
how does your premium cable work with the mixer? i just got one as well, but i have a sima mixer that drops the signal pretty much any time you turn a knob. supposed to have dual tbc.
the BPMC stuff is great, lil wizard is my fave

also his kits are rad

I think its fun to find the original devices he bends and then try to come up with your own bends or add/do it a little differently
cs1729 wrote:
how does your premium cable work with the mixer? i just got one as well, but i have a sima mixer that drops the signal pretty much any time you turn a knob. supposed to have dual tbc.

I managed to pick up a datavideo SE-500 super cheap (60 sing dollars, about 40 us!). It hasn't dropped signal yet, but doesn't have any fancy effects. I've been going from my mac HDMI to rca converter, into the premium cable, then into the mixer and out to a mini dv cam to record, with one channel as a feedback loop, and the 4 screen preview to a CRT.

I tried it without the mixer, going back into the mac again, and directly into the CRT, but it kept dropping signal.

How would you rate Sima mixers? Saw one selling for 380ish sgd. Worth picking up for the effects?
big pauper's stuff is excellent, i'd love to grab more eventually. had a lot of fun putting together the Fluxus kit, strongly encourage anyone with basic soldering skills (like me) to go for it.

I've worked many a festival dates with drew.. he is an amazing person. and has the BEST glitch gear out there.. as others said.. more expressive and more intuitive.

top notch wiggler
Hi all,

I'd really like to grab a Basic Cable to put in a feedback chain between camera and my Roland V4 mixer.

Before pulling the trigger, if in stock: I see the V4 has an internal TBC, can someone confirm this system will work smoothly?

Thanks in advance,

I have a BPMC premium cable and a V4. If you run the premium cable into the V4 you will have drop outs on the crazier effect combinations of the premium/basic cable. Its less than ideal. I run my premium cable after my v4, between the V4 and my CRT. This works perfectly.
lampmode many thanks for your time and the hint!
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