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FAC drum sketch I dumb?
Author FAC drum sketch I dumb?
I have been trying to create new kits using the Drum Sketch Generator but no actual sketches are being placed in the folders created by the Generator.

The Generator seems to recognise each sample at positions 0-7 but just closes after I enter the Create Sketch command.

It creates 3 folders in the location where the samples are located ,one of which contains an empty folder with the name I created.

I am using XP and think that I am formatting the samples correctly.

any ideas?

Same here using Windows 7Pro. seriously, i just don't get it
Hi guys. I'm sorry, but between work and family, I haven't been able to look into this problem. I'll be on vacation in 2 months and expect to have more disposable time then. I know it's not great news, but it's the best I can do.
hey ,no worries ,when I get a chance I will try using a different computer,it wouldnt be the first time for weirdness on my machine...

your FM synth sketch is awesome fun thanks thumbs up
I had to download the samples and import them into my Ardunio library separately from the sketch. Use the Import Library tab at the top of the app. It works.

Great sketch. Killer app. I haven't created my own samples yet, but should work if truncated properly.

Makes the Ardcore all the better!!! thumbs up
It's a bit finicky but it definitely works! I created a Custom kit for Richard Devine based on 8 samples he gave me. 2 yrs ago.... It was for a live show of his
I think I first made the code with the app then pasted it in
That was on windows 7
All issues were related to quirks of facs amazing app ( truly amazing how well
Fac drums works) NOT sample editing/trimming
Could someone please share the fac drum sketch generator(used for putting in your own samples) ? It isnt at the original link
Ok, so can someone please tell me how to get the drum generator app to work ????

It generates 3 empty folders.

I cant find any instructions on where to put the samples or anything to get it to work. This ability was the reason i decided to buy the module and it states that a person can load their own samples.

The drum generator app is no longer online though. I was lucky to find a copy on my computer, but it does not work and there are no instructions on how to get it to work.

VERY dissapointed in the module and SNAZZY FX at this point....
In case anyone is still trying to figure this out, this utility seems to have vanished from the internet, but with a bit of messing around with the code, you can add samples to FAC drums by converting them to 8bit unsigned mono WAV files and using the "EncodeAudio" program to copy the samples to your clipboard. You can find the EncodeAudio program and a tutorial on converting audio files to 8bit mono WAV here.

After running EncodeAudio, paste the samples into one of the sampleX.c files (ie: for the first sample, modify sample0.c). It should look like this:

prog_uchar sample0_data[sample0_size] = {

Then open up the corresponding sampleX.h file. You'll want to change the line that looks like:

#define sample0_size 1500

You'll want to replace this constant with the actual number of samples in your file. An easy way to figure this out is just to count the number of commas in the sample data that EncodeAudio created. You can use this javascript one-liner to do so. Paste your sample data in and hit run.

Finally you'll want to change the sample0_fs_micro constant in sampleX.h to match the sampling rate you used when you converted your sample. I saved my samples at 8000hz and just by fucking around, I found that a value of 0.0180f sounded okay.

This process is kind of a pain in the ass, but hopefully this helps someone else who wants to use this sketch.
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