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909 rimshot question
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Author 909 rimshot question
Neal Beard
Made up my rimshot pcb with beautiful resynthesis panel but in my haste I put IC2 in the wrong way round.

Powering up caused nasty drone noise and burning smell.

Dead Banana

DOH! I am an idiot.

After realising my mistake I replaced ic2 with a spare but still no sound, just an upleasant amp noise (which sounds a bit like a loud ground loop.)

Anyone any ideas what else I might have fried?

Re- the build - the only change I made was when wiring flying wires to take the ground from the audio out, and link this to trig and accent, rather than running a separate ground from the ribbon cable area.
Neal Beard

replaced all 3 ic's and it's all fully working now and looking damn neat in the system...

very clean crisp sound - with lots of tweakablilty.

super chuffed with it and looking forward to making more pcb's soon...

keep up the good work hexinverter!


It's motherfucking bacon yo
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