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CGS Triple Bi-directional Switch/Router
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Author CGS Triple Bi-directional Switch/Router
I finally building and testing my Bi-directional Router and I'm pretty sure everything is working well according to the Serge test procedure.

I was wondering if someone could give me a few patch examples using the Bi-directional Router and the CGS programmer sequencer?

**Please excuse my ignorance meh
Row A CV out to A1
Row B CV out to A2
Pulse out step 4 to Trigger

Out is B - to oscillator/whatever

8 step sequencer!
Looking forward to try this patch when I finish building mine!
OK, so I've tried this patch but don't seem to be getting the correct results.

8 step programmer seq + bi-directional :

CV A to A1 of router
CV B to A2 of router
Pulse out of step 8 to A1/A2 of router
B of router to oscillator

When making this patch, everything continues the same accept on the step (8) where the trigger go's to A1/A2 of the seems to turn the one cv channel on only for that one step seriously, i just don't get it
Seems to only switch over when it get's triggered...but then switches right back on the next step
it will only switch while the incoming pulse is held high, A trigger wont really do much, needs to be a longer signal.

doing the same patch as described above but clocking a second programmer from a pulse out of first programmer (ie:cascading the programmers) , & then using a stage / pulse output from the slower moving programmer to switch the Router will proof more useful. Also try a slope or other things to switch it.

Note* if the signals to be switched are higher than +7v, the signals will just bleed through & not switch. If that happens the router aint broken, the signals just need to be attenuated first.

The same PCB wired as Quad Router will advance via trigger/ does not need to be held high.
How would I do this with only one 8 step programmer?
if you have anything else that will give a signal that will stay high for the duration of time it takes for your programmer to step through all its steps, Feed it into the Pulse input of router. It can be almost anything. Try using an envelope.
AHHH SHIT! SlayerBadger!

I got it now

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