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Z-DSP For glitch music...
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Author Z-DSP For glitch music...
Word up guys, I have a Tyme Safari and love the thing, but 8-bit kills me... with the Z-DSP delay effects, can you get the same kind of deal with the record, loop, and loop start/end times being CV controlled?... in other words- can the Z-DSP to the same shit as the Tyme Safari???...
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Not with the current Delay card available for it.

It does not stop and re-trigger, but I would bet there is going to be some sort of sample capabilities down the road.
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I may have misunderstood your question.

Do you mean VC of the delay time? Then yes it does that, but it is not a loop that you can control the start time.
but the start and end times of the delay are CV controllable? i guess the what i am looking for is glitch time sounds- but in 24bit... i do alot of good stuff the the tyme safari start and end times being controlled by the Wogglebug, but again- the 8 bit is way to harsh...
If you run external clock to the delay you will be in glitch heavan.

The Analogue Systems RS-290 may be what you are looking for; especially in 'Sampling' Mode. It doesn't get nearly as craptastic as the Tyme Sefari, but it does does do bit and Nyquist reduction/increase, plus a whole lot of other things, under CV control.

Plus, you can back up (and reload) your sample over the MIDI I/O Expander RS295.
You might want to consider the ASys RS290. From what I understand the Z-DSP would only be capable of recording 1 second of audio at 30khz/ 24-bit, and as it stands now there aren't any sampling algorithms available yet, whereas the RS290 can do a bit over 5 seconds of sampling at 48khz/16-bit with more time available if you lower the sampling rate or bit depth. Plus it has CV control over all the things you mentioned.

Someone posted a clip some time ago using CV control over the RS290's sampling functions. If I can dig it out I'll post the link.

Edit: Kent beat me to the punch, so consider this another recommendation to check out the RS290.
Here's the clip I just mentioned, posted by LDT in this thread:
Check the dope jams, y'all:

RS290 in Sample Mode (Below)

Notes from YouTube:
Here we put a beat from the Machinedrum into the rs290 in 'sample mode' to create a loop.

Using CV outs from an envelope generator you can start and stop playback and recording. We use a third EG to modulate the sample pitch/speed and then try out different waveforms from an LFO. You also have direct knob access to the sample start and end times which can be great for repeater-type effects.

This module has a great digital delay with delay times up to 26.8 seconds and also has a great sounding tape delay mode. You can save presets too! There's also an expander module which gives you MIDI control over sampler functions, the rs295.

Glitchy Delay Action (Below)

Bit Crunchin' an Elektron (Below)

Man. There's not much this module doesn't do. Besides an incredible sounding high-quality stereo digital delay with built LFO and a hard to beat voltage controlled sampler mode, the rs290 can crush your sounds too. This great little trick doesn't even require the unit to be engaged. Just select sample size, reduce, and abuse.

Our sound source is the Elektron SFX-60 Mk II MonoMachine.

Cold Goofin' with Delay Times. Go to 40 seconds in. This can be under CV control (jack under the blue knob) and makes for nice 'steppy' glitches. (Below)


The rs290's digital delay has a send and return function that allows you to affect just the repeats. You can do this either before or after the delay. in this case we're filtering the delays with the rs110 Multimode Filter. The rs290 Delay is also MIDI syncable and will give you a read out of the current tempo divide rate and allows to adjust how delay in relation to the MIDI time code. The delay is also syncable to an external trigger signal like a seguencer.

No module, but the Squarewaveparade Teaspoon looked like a nice alternative to me. Sounded better then the TS, plus has cv-controllability.
I would put it behind a europanel.
If someone from TipTop audio reads this thread, here is my question:
Will there be a "sampler" card deveolpped for the Z-Dsp ?
With sample stop/start CV controllable...

That would be SlayerBadger!
Where can I buy a Squarewaveparade Teaspoon ?
Sounds really nice but difficult to find.
Edit : just saw its price. I'm not interrested anymore :0)
I am on the fence with the Z-dsp. Could sombody make a quick demo of a vocal track or talking going through it with different delay effect being trigger ( ie. glitch type stuff)
incekt wrote:
I am on the fence with the Z-dsp. Could sombody make a quick demo of a vocal track or talking going through it with different delay effect being trigger ( ie. glitch type stuff)
SOON! smile screaming goo yo
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