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Paris performance
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Author Paris performance
I'll be performing in Cité de la musique (Paris) tonight with my DIY modular synth instrument, with my upcoming eurorack and banana standalone synth modules in there - VM and AM.

Welcome! Guinness ftw! china

applause hooray - awesome, Menq Qi! Guinness ftw!

what did you use for instrument amplification, btw?

Wow! That theater looks like the perfect place to see/hear a Meng Qi show! w00t

Any plans on video recording it? smile
Will you be in Paris next week? I will arrive on Tuesday. It would be good to meet up.
Thank you everyone!

numan7 The sound system of the theater of course. w00t

ModusOp I think the theater would take the video and audio recording, but I don't know if when they would release them. I'll ask later today.

Kent I am leaving Paris for Lisbon tomorrow, will be in Berlin 29 - 4 June, and then Paris again 4-15. Do we happen to be in the same city during these time? Would love to meet and drink.
Guinness ftw!
Unfortunately, no. Can you come by Vienna and see one of Europe's most beautiful cities? You can stay at my place.
I saw some excellent concerts there, but I'm not living in Paris anymore so I can't go to this one... sad banana
Thank you for the invitation Kent! I'll see if I can go, what's the best way to go from Paris to Vienna? I would love to go there. Guinness ftw!

Yes it is an amazing concert hall oscillateur! Really enjoyed playing there!

Now I am in the beautiful Lisbon, right in the headquater of the amazing ADDAC System! Guinness ftw! w00t
Check out SNCF for a train. You could also fly for about the same amount.
Thank you very much Kent for the invitation!

Altho we would very much like to go to Vienna! But I just looked into the options and it is late to change the plans since house and air tickets are already booked long ago and it is not economically practical to change all of them now... d'oh!

Really enjoying our eu trip! Will come next time and would definitely go Vienna!

This is fun!
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