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Renting a performance venue...
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Author Renting a performance venue...
how much do you think it is reasonable to pay for a small-to-mid sized perfomance hall with a stage and electricity, that could accomodate an audience of up to 100 members?

hmmm..... and i suppose there would also be additional expenses and legwork for security and parking, depending on where the venue is located, refreshments, post-event cleaning, etc.

if anyone here set up small electronic music shows or festivals, and cares to share their experiences and insights in this regard, that would be great!

hmmm..... the SES hall in Santa Clara down the street from me, for example, starts at $1650 per day + cleaning and security...

according to their web-brochure this includes:

* Kitchen
* Tables & Chairs
* Dance Floor
* Lighting
* Cooling
* Restrooms
* Parking

hmmm..... ....

Guinness ftw! Santa Clara University, across the street from me, rents out their 247-seat recital hall for: $365 flat rate (base fee, up to 3 hrs) + $90 per hour (addt'l rehearsal) + $90 per hour (addt'l performance)...

*but* you will also have to hire one of their technicians (i think it's $100/hr for a sound technician).

so, for an 8 hour event w/ 2 hrs rehearsal (and a module-show, outdoor talks or whatever) + 6 hrs performance, it would come to:

$(365 + 5 * 90 + 6 * 100) = $1415

hmmm..... ....

w00t so we're looking at somewhere in the $1.5K - $2K range to rent a modestly nice performance venue for a day in the area where i live.... i imagine one can find some cheaper (as well as more expensive) deals in the city (which would be San Francisco or Oakland for me).

hmmm..... that's about 6 or 7 eurorack modules worth of !

hmm, so how can we go about re-couping some of this if we don't just want to eat all the expenses ourselves....?

some possible ways i can think of incude:

- ticket sales (assuming you can get people to buy them)
- food & drink
- t-shirts
- audio & or video recordings of the performances
- ask other perfomers to share the bill

however, i don't think i would feel right asking other performers (assuming anyone else was interested in playing the event in the first place) to pay any fees. that just seems downright shabby to me. if anything, anyone who performs should get some kind of compensation (even it's just beer! ).

hmmm..... if the show could be kept to 4 hours, that scu recital hall comes down to $995 which is starting to approach what i consider "sane" as far as amounts to spend on something like a music event go.

hmm, another way to fund things might be running an indiegogo campaign (or the like), depending on who else i could get to play (i would do the opening 45 minute set, with or 3 other modular perfomers as the headliners, i am thinking) to defray at least part of the costs (and perhaps pay the other performers with something besides beer... Mattson Mini Modular:cilantro: ).

comments, suggestions, anecdotes, humor (all welcome)...?

Here in Melbourne, you call a pub up, and ask if you can organise a gig.

You organise your own PA (renting a PA is way cheaper than renting a hall)

Venue gets the bar money, you get the door money and split profits between the artists playing on the night.

Expect 10-30 people for every 150 that say they will come on facebook invites, and don't expect to get more than 30 people to come come to your gig unless some well known person is playing.
Guinness ftw! Ahh pubs.... Facebook.... hmmm....... thanks Refund -- i'lll need to check those out sometime! Drunk Banana

hmmm..... So I'm curious about how wide of a range electronic music "styles" one is able to "get away with" (so to speak) as a perfomer at pub gigs in Melbourne (or elsewhere)... such as, I wonder how things along the lines of hour-long electric violin solos against irregular backgrounds of shrieking, screaming chaos-noises (or the like... maybe some really dry, dense, mathematical "pseudo-classical" sequencing, or random drones, etc. - stuff lacking just about any of the popular music tropes for general audiences to identify with) work out in pubs.... (e.g. would the patrons start to rebel, and throw beer and the performers and their infernal noise-machines at some point beer!Wiard(hides)(hides)(hides)Wiardbeer! )?

thumbs up at any rate, the price ("you've got !") is certainly right!

Well, I used to manage a bar with live music in Oakland, and if you had contacted me and said that you wanted to put on an evening of electronic music, and would bring 100 people, I would have given you any night you wanted.
If you're interested in doing the show in Oakland, I would just contact the booker at the Uptown or the Night Light, and reserve a night.
Both venues have pretty good sound systems.
It won't cost you anything.
some buddies and I rented a semi-abandoned warehouse space in akron, ohio for 3 years for $500 a month. no heat/gas, but electricity. depends on how "professional" you want it to look. warehouse spaces in edgier parts of town tend to go A LOT cheaper! but food, booze and security are all on you. plus some people (myself included) like the look and feel of the beat down diy space.
There's some good advice here already, numan7. I would suggest checking out venues where the sort of event you want to put on is already staged. You can get a feel for the place and make some contacts.

We are very lucky with Basic Electricity for a number of reasons. One key factor is it's low stress. That is important if you're performing as well as setting up the PA, doing the door and serving beers!

As for what you can 'get away with' - just find yourself some people with tastes similar to your own. thumbs up
When I see the level of venue you have been checking out I would ask if it is appropriate to what you are presenting. From the sizes and with the silk drapes on the chairs and the posh concert hall, I would expect you would be doing a show where the tickets would be over $50 each. The bar advice may be a bit closer to what you want. Don't overlook spaces not usual to music as well. I've partnered with art openings and played very nice galleries. Warehouses and abandoned/underutilized spaces can be had for asking. I don't see a problem with getting the other acts to chip in. Rent it together, split the cost and split any profit.
hmmm..... hmm. i think i would prefer for this to be perceived as a serious event in which an academic setting makes more sense -- something i could put on once every year or two and i be able to foot most, if not all, of the expenses myself (based on what scu charges, anyways).

so it'll probably be the "posh concert hall", as you put it GGW (hihi), or one like it (still need to check out what kinds of facilities the other local colleges - uc berkeley, deanza college, mills college, ohlone college, sjsu and stanford university, for examples - have available)...

Just me
In my little town we have music halls, concert halls, bars, performance venues, (indoor and outdoor) schools with fabulous auditoriums for rent, city art centers and the MIM. They all rent space or put on events ranging in cost from free, $25 to $50 or up to thousands of dollars. Places like The Trunk Space, Rip's, Last Exit Live and the Crescent Ballroom are free to inexpensive. Gammage, the MIM, and Tempe Center for the Arts are thousands. Look around. Lots of options.
numan7 wrote:
hmmm..... hmm. i think i would prefer for this to be perceived as a serious event in which an academic setting makes more sense --
so it'll probably be the "posh concert hall", as you put it GGW (hihi),

I understand. If that's what it is, then the ideas for bars and warehouses will not work for you. Your idea to search out colleges may be good. I know our local university has a very nice new performance theatre of about that size that would set the image of that sort of performance.
Universities or colleges here in the UK always seem to be the best. People in charge are usually open minded and not trying to make a profit from you. If its public entry and can be beneficial to students even better. Facilities are usually great too.

I recently put on a gig in a church for nothing. Just took donations at the door for upkeep and such. Was a great success. Not what you're after, but it shows you don't need to break the bank.
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