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Monotribe + Battery Acid
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Author Monotribe + Battery Acid
Had a Battery Acid board lying around for ages (got it as a freebie in a trade). Wasn't sure what to do with it and this weekend I was inspired to do a couple of extra mods to my Monoribe hihi
I love portable playing with the 'Tribe - is removing the speaker absolutely needed? Wonder if Hex would do a micro-board for Tribes?

thumbs up Great stuff Neil!
Removing the speaker was the only way I could make space for the board. I did install headers for almost all of the connections on the board for experimenting (I changed a few resistors and capacitors from the standard Battery Acid build to get extra gain so I socketed them for easy swapping) so you could save space by just wiring it and maybe if there was (where possible) SMD pads for some components.

I removed one of the screws that holds the main PCB in the case and used a small nylon spacer (and another 'glued' to an empty space on the underside of the Battery Acid PCB) and replacement screw to mount the little PCB to the big one.
I just received a Hexinverter Battery Acid PCB in the mail. I look forward to building a module out of it. I'll probably do the switch mod, whereas I can switch between the Germanium diode distortion OR silicon diode distortion. Will be fun to experiment with it a little. Seems like a fun little module.
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