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Intellijel Springray - Full featured spring reverb module
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Author Intellijel Springray - Full featured spring reverb module

Introducing the Springray: a full featured spring reverb module.

There are many excellent digital reverbs available these days but there is still nothing quite like the timeless and magical character of a true spring reverb.

At Intellijel we have a huge love for true analog devices and it has always been important for us to explore as many of these fundamental analog building blocks of synthesis as possible.

In the development of this module we were blown away by how much there is to explore. Each tank has a totally different set of chanacteristics and there were many unexpected surprises when feeding it a wide variety of sound sources. One of the most interesting results was how a slow attack saw waveform from a Dixie almost sounds like a realistic cello!

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

-PRE tank and POST tank Ambler Tilt EQ
-VC Feedback
-Limiter in feedback path so you can prevent high gain feedback from clipping the output. (Uses THATcorp RMS and VCA ICs)
-Selector switch to choose up to three different connected tanks (one on the front and two on the back)
-VC Mix of the wet/dry balance (uses a full linear VCA xfade circuit)
-Drive input with large gain (can overdrive the tank inputs)
-External processors can be inserted into the feedback path via the SEND/RETURN normalled inputs. Extremely interesting results when patched through modulated BP filters etc.
-Three different sizes of Accutronic tanks are available
-10HP (skiff friendly)

44mA @ -12V
34mA @ +12V

Module Price is $240.00

Tank options:
Small Tank: $10.00
Medium Tank: $18.00
Large Tank: $25.00

In stock and ready to ship.

Rear of the module has Right Angled RCA connectors:

Three sizes of Accutronic tanks we have selected:

More details and demos to follow soon...

NOTE: we only stocked the following quantities of tanks (initially)

100 x small tank
200 x medium
40 x large

It was hard to predict what people would want. Lead time to get more tanks is only 2-3 weeks so we will be getting more as soon as we receive requests from our retailers/customers.

Illustrated Supplemental Manual by Demonam
applause applause applause
Oh me Oh my! I think I just wet my knickers.
Wow! Didn't see that coming! Three tanks! That's beautiful!
celestial tomes
thumbs up It's motherfucking bacon yo nanners w00t screaming goo yo dizzy
I was totally about to pull the trigger in a a199.
Oh, I love a good BOOM-didn't-see-that-one-coming in the morning!
Yeah buddy!
Pretty F'ing fantastic I say MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Dead Banana Intellijel style Dead Banana
Seems I can only order the "small tank" from - how can I order the other ones?
digidandy wrote:
Seems I can only order the "small tank" from - how can I order the other ones?

just coding it right now! I didn't think anyone would be up right now razz
Hehehe ... I am in Europe, and ALWAYS awake! Rockin' Banana!
hangars liquides
Really looking forward to hearing a modulated BP filter in the feedback path. But honestly, and unfortunately for my saving, the fact I cannot hear what this sounds like yet should not postpone the purchase.
... Here we go, a few seconds watching at the ceiling and I am already patching in my head, and thinking I have to get this device that I once owned (well no but...).
Wow, this is the year of the reverb it seems nanners
everyone needs a spring reverb.
hmm. would it be cheeky to order a spring unit without a springray?
Wow, the big tank sounds amazing Dead Banana
sweeeet! thumbs up
Just caught myself shaking my ipad to get those spring tank sprooooiiiingggg sounds while listening to the demo d'oh!
The small tank sounds surprisingly nice for melodic stuff.

So impressed. Ordering ASAP

Oh yes. Tis a beauty. Everything I wanted in a spring reverb added.
I hope they come fast to europe.
I can already see the Springray and a Dual 291 doings naughty things together It's motherfucking bacon yo
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