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New Cynthia modules; have they ever shipped?
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Author New Cynthia modules; have they ever shipped?
I'm just wondering if the Four Transients / Four Filters / Octal VCA modules have ever actually shipped in Frac format? I'm really wary of ordering these through Cyndustries because of the very well documented problems other people have had receiving things that they've ordered through there. If Analogue Haven stocked the Frac versions, I'd simply order through them, but it looks like the only way to get them is through Cyndustries directly. Has anyone actually ordered and received any of these modules?
So, zero responses must mean that these are v-a-p-o-r-w-a-r-e? Too bad, they looked really interesting. I guess I'll have to DIY something similar.
Agreed, they do look interesting, but I've yet to see one 'in the wild'.
You could always contact Cynthia and see if there are any in stock and ready to go.
I've never seen a Frac Octal VCA. I know she just finished batches of it in Modcan A, MU and MOTM formats.

She had a couple of Frac Four Transients on Ebay last year. Was tempted to get one but ultimately passed. Have never seen a Frac Four Filters.

As I've mentioned before with Cyndustries I have no hesitation in ordering anything that is built and ready to ship. She ships in stock items very fast.
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