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Received my modules from Buchla
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Author Received my modules from Buchla
I finally got my modules yesterday. hyper I have been reading all information I can get concerning Buchla, watching all videos I could find on the 'net, listening to all the demos and recordings I could find for the past 2 years. Nothing really prepared me for working with the modules for the first time. These modules are amazing.

I had often read the explanations for why Buchla modules are so expensive, but it was not until I finally got some that I could really appreciate the quality and beauty of them. Each module is an engineering masterpiece by itself.

There are things that I never realized until I used my system. For example, maybe I just missed it somewhere, but I never realized that the stages of the 281e can be free running. I had just assumed that I would have to trigger a stage to start. In cyclic mode, it can act as 4 different very configurable LFOs.

I can't believe the pallet of sounds that I can get from so few modules, and I have only played with it for a couple of hours so far. I do not have any regrets at all for spending the money. I have thought about all the other systems I could have gotten and I believe I made the best choice.

I think I will soon be trading in my 201e-6 for a 201e-18. hihi
Ok, here is an mp3 of my first experiments. My system currently consists of : 206e, 261e, 281e, 291e, and 292e...
Thanks for the demo. I really enjoyed listening to it. applause
I hope that you will post some pictures.
I really would like to know how a 261e is looking on the back. hmmm.....
Oxix52 wrote:
I think I will soon be trading in my 201e-6 for a 201e-18.

Not the 24 space? :-)

yay. More samples plz
I'd like to hear some more too.
Cool, I'm glad you guys liked the mp3. I'll try to do some more soon.

I considered the 24 space, but think the 18 is as far as I want to go and still be portable., I mean when, I need more than 18, I plan on going to a 6 or 12 hihi .

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.
You will always want more Buchla, its modular after all.

I have completed my 24wls ( and I had originally planned for the 18, so glad I didnt) now I am having to go buy another rack!
I would love you see some pics of your 24. I have only seen the one posted on the B&A site.
oops its hot and my brain isnt working . I have an 18 and I was originally going to get a 12
I would love to see more photos of the 24wls
Are you planning on a 24 eventually?
beautiful demo very moody I like it. Congratulations again on getting the Buchla!
Buchla quality is fabulous and the attention to detail.
Worth the money.
nanners nanners nanners
The 281 EG's are fab. My 200 had the older versions but they were almost my favorite part along with the VCO's. Superb.
amnesia wrote:
I would love to see more photos of the 24wls

Does anyone know if any have shipped? Oh and by the way Oxix52 congratulations!
Here is another doodle with my new Buchla. As before, this is one pass with just a few knob twiddles along the way.
There was a request for some images of the 261e.
This is my system currently. The empty space will (hopefully)soon be filled with a ZOe oscillator.
Very nice. I'll probably grab the two modules on the left as for me, those define Buchla and what I miss.
Yes, those are incredible modules. They are much more than they first appear to be. It would be easy to dismiss them as just 'utility' modules if you haven't used them.
if you decide to expand I would be interested in buying your boat
i'd take the tags off of the power connectors, m'kay?

they didn't give you a blank panel?
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