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Deriving "metronome" clock output from digi-delay
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Author Deriving "metronome" clock output from digi-delay
Full title wouldn't fit:
Deriving "metronome" clock output from Digitech PDS-1002

Hi All,

I recently this video of Charles Cohen clocking his Music Easel from an old EHX 16 Second Delay looper pedal.
Pretty interesting method to easily sync the two devices before tap-tempo existed (to my knowledge.)

I wondered if it would be possible to derive a "metronome" clock output from the PDS-1002 by dividing the internal clock down into the sub-audio range.

Any thoughts on this, or anything I should keep in mind?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Added PDS-1002 schematic.
That was a cool video, thanks for sharing. The looper section did look pretty fun. 8_)

Do you have an oscilloscope? Could you try and probe the clock on pin 10 of U14?

I would set the delay time to min and max, write down the clock period, then do the math to see what kind of divider you'll need.

Rockin' Banana!
Thanks for the advice!

Unfortunately I don't have an oscilloscope... yet.

Yes, that's where I plan to tap the clock output.
I don't think the sample-rate will be particularly high, less than 20KHz at a guess.
Might try dividing the clock by 20 and see how it goes.
Cool, that would be a good start.

I would probably buffer the output with a 74HC or similar (lots of choices on what chip you use), followed by a diode and maybe a 100-1k resistor. You could use an opamp if you don't have a logic chip but you'll need more components.
The Deltalab Echotron has a dedicated 24ppq clock output. Maybe the schematic will give you a few ideas.
Thanks for sharing that.
I'll study the schematic later.

Also, considering a CV input for delay time.
The junction between R23 and P7 fed by, say, two 47K resistors in series, with a 5V1 Zener reverse-biased between ground and the junction of the two newly added resistors.
Can anybody tell me if I would hear a click if I plugged a midi to 1/4 inch cable connecting an E-RM Midiclock to my in-ear box channel?
Do I need an additional device or a replacement device? While I can still return the midiclock.

Someone told me I would hear a click but I’m curious to a second opinion if anyone has experience on the matter.
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