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Moog E1-M
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Author Moog E1-M
Looks like Moog listened to all the folks who responded to their guitar with an incredulous "No Midi?!?!?"

The good news: New 13 pin output with controls to run all the regular guitar to midi systems. love

The bad news: Its $4695 d'oh!

That's 1/2 the price of a Parker Adrian Belew (but no Variax output).

I don't know, but it still seems rediculously pricy.

I don't understand the point of using the 13 pin connector. Is it something to do with the way the pickup works? Why not just stick a direct midi out? Or is it just to keep companies like axon afloat?

(I have a g707 with the 24 pin connector, and I can understand that because hte 24 pin came out before midi, but post midi with no real midi baffles me)
$4695??? So confusing. I always wonder where the money went in designs like this... obviously not to a real luthier. The headstock is hideous, the body is a HOHUM strat, the wood is alder!? the jacks should probably be recess top-mounted, at least half of the switches should be horn-mounted?, the built-in ladder filter... ok, I admit it, that's just awesome.

Actually I won't nitpick a design like this, it's a Moog and it's made in the USA and it's pretty awesome despite its flaws, but give me a Moog MIDI DIY kit (even an overpriced one!) over a finished, overpriced, megavanilla beast like this any day.
XXXEsq wrote:
I don't know, but it still seems rediculously pricy.

Depends on what you can negotiate your dealer down to, heh.
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