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The DRM Obsession
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Author The DRM Obsession
Gringo Starr
The DRM1 and Expander have completely taken over everything I have. Since I've gotten them I have hardly touched any sound sources from anything else. Hours are spent with this duo and it's one amazing thing after another. Without a doubt I will get another pair or three when they're available. Just a well deserved tip of my hat to Mr. Bugs. Tom is todays Don!
Concur, I mentioned to Logan the other day that for some inexplicable reason I only recently used the VCO I/P - whole new world flipping between two drum sounds and a sequence with the flip of a switch.
The DRM system is so versatile, I have bought it as a drum synthesizer but I am now using it for anything, a real obsession for sure! thumbs up
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> BugBrand Devices  
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