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Dotcom Collective w/ JLR, Kindred Lost, Dana Countryman...
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Author Dotcom Collective w/ JLR, Kindred Lost, Dana Countryman...
essex sound lab
Just received my copy this morning (I didn't know when/if it had been released as I'm no longer on the Dotcom Yahoo group). VERY nicely done.

To those that I knew from the Dotcom list that are now here...belatedly: good show, guys!

thumbs up
I was able to contribute the graphics and a track called "Gouging Rod" to the enterprise.

This was a difficult project to pull off. Entirely volunteer in nature. Angelo Metz started the idea from the group at Yahoo and were able to finish it just in time for the 2009 year end. We hope this to be the first of many.

I believe Angelo has decided to put some up for sale at CD Baby. He is pretty busy with personal projects so it may take a few weeks to get everything in place.

The "collective" is a diverse bunch of folks with many styles. Some are amateurs (such as myself) and others are more seasoned artists. We all have in common the use of the Arrick modular synthesizer and the tracks involved are a pretty good cross-section of how the instrument is used by people from all over the globe. Of course it is by no means comprehensive. There are thousands of people using the tool to make music, but we thought it was a fun project to display our particular efforts.

-David Ryle (Kindred Lost)
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