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Swap my MAT-03 for your MAT-02: anyone?
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Author Swap my MAT-03 for your MAT-02: anyone?
Electronic Battle

Here in the UK I've a lonely MAT-02 - I need another two ideally, but another single component would do.

The MAT-03 is the PNP complement, of which I have several. I'd like to swap one (or two or three) for a MAT-02 or two , or some similar deal.

I already have some LM394s which would do the job nicely but the MAT-02 is a marginally better part (immeasurably better to be honest but seeing as I have one ...)

By the way - the MAT-12 is coming out from AD later this year (June) - if it is in the TO-78 can, could be very useful.

Anyone able to help please?

best wishes
Whats the story on the MAT-12? DId not find anything on the AD website on it.

Sorry no spare MAT-02s around, just curious if you knew more.
Gear nut

Join Date: Mar 2003
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Posts: 140 I was given conflicting information by people at Analog Devices, but the most recent information is this:

1. The FAB where the MAT02 was made was closed. Therefore, they decided to discontinue the MAT02.

2. Subsequently, there was strong demand for it, so they changed their minds.

3. They decided to redesign the part. I'm not sure if it was because of tooling issues, machinery incompatibilities, newer and better equipment or what, but they decided to redesign the part.

4. The new part will be known as the "MAT12". Samples in March, 2010. Production in June, 2010.

From gearslutz. All I could find on MAT12. There will be a MAT13 as well...
Dego ucts/product.html

Mat12 - April 19
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