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909Kick Debug Questions
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Author 909Kick Debug Questions
I've just completed my 909Kick build. I added all the modifications as described int the addendum pdf. The module is quiet in terms of noise floor, which is a major plus, after selling my volca beats....

Anyhow, there are two issues I need to debug. The first is that the Attack is not changing when I turn the pot. Any thoughts on why?

The second debug issue is that the durring my initial test, I had patched a square wave LFO from my ms-20 mini 0-5v and was unable to trigger the 909 kick. When I patched the same LFO signal through my VCA, at Unity gain, then the 909 triggered beautifully. So, am I loading the trigger???

ms-20 LFO -> VCA -> 909Kick trigger input

Any thoughts or suggestions are most appreciated. Module sounds great by the way. I would highly suggest getting one, for anyone on the fence...I love the Hex stuff. love
The attack knob doesn't seem to make very extreme changes to the overall envelope of the kick, but it seems to be working.

Got the pcb into a module now, and all is well. Great kick. Documentation was great too.

And yes, I know neinohnein is spelled incorrectly. With using a fine paint marker, you only get one chance. O' well. Close enough for DIY.
@Ambriant I found the same thing with the Attack control. The control only really seems to make any difference to the sound upto about 9:00 (when turned clockwise from minimum value). After that, the click disappears, and and the sound doesn't change much. I'm sure it would be possible to change some pot and resistor values to extend that small range over more of the pot travel. I'm still pretty happy with the sound too, though.

Thanks for the info. I agree with you. I think I substituted a Lin pot for a Log pot but that wouldn't make a huge difference.

I like the sound too and and am very happy with mine. I'm a little more suspicious of the features on my own builds. Just because I'm prone to a mistake here and there.

I'm building the HexInverter snare module right now. Should be finished next week sometime. I'll post some pics. Did you build a snare? If so, do tell of any pitfalls I should be aware of. Thanks.
Hi Ambriant,

I know what you mean. Without any audio examples, it's hard to tell if these modules sound as they should. I know nothing about electronics, so when stuff goes wrong, I'm pretty lost.

I've built the snare, rim and clap modules. They're the first Euro modules I've done with panel-mount pots and sockets. I must admit, I much prefer a nice neat PCB for the controls, and I don't think I did an especially neat job of the wiring, to be honest.

All the modules worked ok, though now. I did have a couple of issues along the way. I used the wrong electrolytic caps on the clap. Took me ages to realise I'd installed 4.7uF instead of the intended 0.47uF. That was completely user error though. The other issue I had was that the noise 'daughterboard' of the snare stopped working after a while. I think at some stage, I may have installed it the wrong way round, which may have damaged it. Or possible the weight of the board put some mechanical stress on the solder joints where the multi-pin socket and header were soldered to the two PCBs, causing a poor connection. I didn't investigate much, as I decided to use the noise output from the kick module for both snare and clap, which worked fine.

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