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Storage Strip firmware update
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Author Storage Strip firmware update
We will be releasing a firmware update in a week or two. The main issue this will address is that if a button is pressed too quickly after another then the preset may not be triggered.

The other problem we found is that the zoom may not work when feeding more than 3 Mungo modules. This will be resolved with a zoom adapter module we are currently developing.

Please let us know of any additional issues you may have found with the Storage Strip so we can correct them in this update.
The new firmware is ready. We need some testers with an AVR programmer to help us test the firmware before publicly releasing it. We will be offering the new firmware flashed onto a chip in our online store very soon.
You can find more information on the firmware update here -
Hi, is the issue with the zoom already resolved?
Axiom Crux
vanderLooy wrote:
Hi, is the issue with the zoom already resolved?

what issue are you referring to?
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