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UL1 uloop Tune CV Input not working
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Author UL1 uloop Tune CV Input not working
am I missing something?
it should do at least something, right? I'm feeding it with the 0..5V output of a PEG, but _nothing_ happens. neither in play/loop playback nor during record. the tune pot works, though, as expected.

is my UL1 already broken? I got it a couple of weeks ago, but I had no time to properly check it until today.
update: the Tune CV Input works when the Tune pot is turned down completely.
is this the way it supposed to be? than it should be mentioned in the manual.
As Davide pointed out, this is the intended behaviour:

soundmachines wrote:

Hi there,
yes that's the intended behaviour as stated in the manual (pdf download from the site). We had to choose between an 'offset' behaviour and a mututal exclusion between the pot and the cv input. The latter made more sense to us also relating to the many... ermm... glithches that the chip has!!
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