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FLAME Talking Synth

Post by Kent » Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:14 pm

I don't know where to put this sound file. Feel free to move it!

I'm alternating between the MIDI Beat Clock of my Roland R8 Mk II or the Doepfer MAQ (I don't recall... but it's only Beat Clock, so who cares?...) and running it off of its own internal sequencer/clock (no real internal sequencer per se).
It has a really nifty hard tremolo that will pulse at 8th or 16th notes. This is to overcome the limitation of the SpeakJet chip which has no Note Off capability at all. The tremolo can ONLY be used when it is running off of its internal sequencer. This totally sucks as it is a great addition to the box. But it is what it is.

Please fast forward to 1 minute in if you wish to hear its more 'vocal' sounds. The initial stuff is just bleeps and farts. The SpeakJet chip has an 'effects' section on the chip that makes funny noises and dial tone sounds. That's how this jam starts.

Oh, and the box has 2 voices in it. You're only listening to one of them.


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