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Getting my feet wet - Feedback appreciated!
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Author Getting my feet wet - Feedback appreciated!
I'm on the verge of getting my feet wet in the wonderful world of modulars, but being a noob I thought it would be wise to get some feedback on the initial system that I have in mind.

I have experience with virtual (Nord) modulars and semi-modulars (MS10 & MS20). My thoughts were to go with a small system with modules that aren't too exotic and easily available from the Netherlands (so Europe, that is). I don't want to start too complicated, so I've chosen more or less for the basic monosynth structure that I know. From there I want to expand into, for me, less familiar terrain... My configuration would be something like this:

VCO : Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO Mk2
: Doepfer A-118 Noise / Random
Mixer : Doepfer A-138b Mixer exponential
Filter : Intellijel Designs Dr. Octature II
Env : Intellijel Dual ADSR
LFO : Pittsburgh Modular - LFO2
VCA : Intellijel µVCA II

Case : Doepfer DIY-Kit #1 incl. Trafo 1200mA (for building a 6u rack)

The setup on ModularGrid:

I tried to stay on a budget of around 1000 euros for the modules only, but I added the Pittsburgh LFO2 because I wasn't quite sure if I had enough modulation in there. So I'm a bit over budget already. I have a bit of kit that I can use for interfacing and modulation (Kenton Pro Solo, Doepfer Dark Time) but an extra LFO never hurt anybody, right?

A few things I'm not sure about:

The A-138b mixer, is it necessary in this setup? I think I need it to mix the Z3000 with the A-118, but I might be wrong. I've also read that the sound quality isn't too well and might need some adjustment. As I have no soldering skills, it's not really an option.

I like the Roland style filters, so I've been looking for one that has a bit of that character. My first choice was the AMSynths AM8109, but it's not in stock (yet) and the Frequency Central System X Filter looks like it would be suitable as well. But as I've read on this forum, the Dr. Octature II is more versatile, so maybe better as a starting filter?

I know my MS10 & 20 use Hz/V for the keyboard, but can I use the modulation outputs in combination with the eurorack modules?

And of course, any recommendations or tips are welcome! ;-)
Ok so more than one vca check, more than one envelope check. I didn't do that well the vca I got is dual but it's super basic. I didn't do the more than one envelope though oops lol.

Now the ms20 think you need something like this....

I doubt any of us first riggers, ever went within budget. Even people who had rigs before probably don't stick to budget lol. Try as they might.

Oh also roland flavour filters, check out mutable instruments ripples, also has a vca. Forget if you can use it independantly though that vca, but I guess this means theres a vca free for something else then.
looks like a nice starter system to me.

To use the Korg MS should be no problem, only the scaling is different (but never tried myself). How to you play the Z3000? Via the Kenton Pro Solo?

If anyting, the setup might be a bit too close to a rather conventional monosynth that is very unimpressive on its own.

I'd either add 1-2 modules that are unique and not found on a typical monosynth (Wogglebug, MN function, MN Maths, Turing machine, something like that), or start with a semi-modular and expand from there.
If integration with MS20 works well, you might also go for the 'English Tear' for conversion and then first add an complex oscillator that goes through the MS, and some more complex modulation. I think this way is more rewarding that a (rather bland and conventional) mono synth voice.

As for the mixer: it is cheap and you'll need it sooner or later. Also consider a clock divider like A-160 (maybe instead of the noise, or instead of the lfo, as the ADSR can also cycle), works great as a suboscillator.
That dual adsr could also do lfo couldn't it? A looping eg that I have can, but I don't know if that is something all looping eg's can do.
I've had several Doepfer mixers when I started and now I have none. They're great for the $ but for a better mixer look at something like the MA mix. They're a bit smaller too.

I agree about adding in something 'funkier.' For example, dual ADSR is going to be 2 of the same. I think I'd rather get a Function and something like a simple A140 to get going. The A140 served me for a very long time - because of that module, every ADSR I have now has to have a range switch - so much fun to increase ranges with the flick of a switch.

And one more smile Get as big of a case with the best PSU you can afford. I'm working on my 3rd case - I keep running out of room!
Oh I just remembered something, If you do decide to go for those system x ones, and you are ok with 2nd hand. Have a look at this sale thread. storder=desc&start=60

long established member, with solid reputation so you know you will be getting solid kit, just a suggestion anyway. Might get it closer to that budget.
You might want to look at some of the mono synth voices in eurorack. Modular Grid has them under "Synth Voice". These are good value, and will allow for expansion later. It would also leave a bit of your budget for something unique like the ones listed above or a Maths. A friend of mine has the Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box and it sounds great. There's also good ones by Intelligel, Mutable Instruments, etc.
As for a mixer, you may want to look at a utility, unity mixer. This one lokks good:
You can mix as well as multi/split signals with this. It will always come in handy.
I think the Korg Hz/v is a bit of an issue. The Harvestman module may be more than you want to get into right now. Are there any simple outboard boxes that do this?
Yeah, I might be on the safe side with this configuration. You definitely got me thinking whether that is the right way to start. After all, I already have quite a few regular synths, so maybe I should be a bit more adventurous... ;-) But on the other side, I don't want to start too complex, I'd rather gradually grow in to it instead of diving in at the deep end.

I have looked into the English Tear, but from what I've gathered it's not (yet) working really well/accurately, so I think I'll just wait for that to be a bit more matured. It's not really a necessity to have the Korgs work with the euro stuff, but it would have been nice.

The Z3000 would be played by the Kenton indeed, or the Dark Time sequencer.

The Ripples was new to me, I missed that one, thanks!
The dual ADSR can do cycling, but as the rate can only be set in 3 positions I don't know if it's really usefull as an LFO?
And nice tip on the System X Filter, I think I might just go for that one... 2nd hand is no problem for me.

Thanks for the tip on the MA, seems like a better option than the Doepfer indeed.

I understand your point about the synth voice, but I'd rather start with separate modules. Maybe a bit more expensive, but seems a more flexible option to me

I've taken all your input into consideration and might be going a bit more towards this configuration (if I can get the FC System X Filter 2nd hand):

Basic stuff with a little adventure thrown in at almost the same price.
The thing is, I can probably expand the rack reasonably fast, so things like the Wogglebug and the Function are options I'm looking at, but only after I've got a basic starting configuration and have spent some time with that.

Thank you all for making choices both easier and harder!
The dual ADSR can do cycling, but as the rate can only be set in 3 positions I don't know if it's really usefull as an LFO?

these are ranges not rates. The rate is controlled by the sliders. And it does well as an lfo. It can also, afaik, cycle only as long as there is a gate present. Very interesting effects.

also look at the eowave line of modules, there are quite cheap and for < 200 EUR you could get a 2nd oscillator (also useful as suboscillator) and a dual lfo. Their patchcables are also good, as an alternative to doepfer.
The Eowave stuff looks nice too, hadn't heard of them yet, thanks.
I've chosen the Z3000 because it looks like it has more flexibility modulation wise. Would it be a smarter option to opt for two cheaper and simpler VCO's (like the Eowave or Doepfer). Or just wait a bit and get a second Z3000 (or equivalent)?
I've chosen the Z3000 because it looks like it has more flexibility modulation wise.

I think the Z3000 is a very good oscillator. Also the build-in tuner can be useful. Then it is a big issue whether to go for two similar or rather two different oscillators, both has pro and cons. I see the eowave titan more as a basic auxiliary oscillator, I don't know how well it goes with the Z3000. On its own it sounds good and the price is hard to beat.
I decided to go for 2 FC System X Osc's from the link alamandra suggested. So it will look a bit different from the first suggestion. The Z3000 i will keep in mind, but first some other bits and bobs...
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