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live amp for small venue noise gigs?
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Author live amp for small venue noise gigs?
I’ve been thinking about a keyboard amp for noise,
Small venues, but something that will have some head room
Actually give a fairly accurate detail
what the carefully selected gear is creating
mono seems right for live work perhaps with an extension speaker
wondering about keyboard amps, bass amps have been suggested.
Preferably a combo amp of some kind or an amp and speaker cab

Any one have an opinion?

I might add that the first time I heard my micro moogs thru a
Tri-amped PA we're not worthy I was stunned at how good they sounded
The light bulb went on and I could see the light, clearly thumbs up !
Why not grab a 2-way PA speaker? Something like the SRM450V2 or TH-15a that we manufacture? Light, powerful, full-range & tons of headroom.

Amplifiers/Combos that are designed for bass guitars are definitely not flat enough in frequency response to accurately reproduce what your synth is doing. Not that there is anything wrong with that route if that's a sound that you like. It doesn't sound like what you are looking for though.
I have had good results with a hartke bass head and their cheaper 4x10" cab. I haven't played out with it, not sure how big of a room it could fill, but with 350 watts it had plenty of headroom and could keep up with the super highs and lows. In my experience the aluminum cone speakers they use are virtually indestructible with any frequency i have pushed it with.

I would keep an eye out for their combos or bass combos in general. They seem fairly common used and pretty well suited for noise.
I always takes a moment to catch on... re. "we"

"we" make some interesting gear good advice.

do they come in teal or sky blue? thumbs up
Huh? You lost me... I work for the parent company and thought that I should disclose that fact.
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