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My new guitar(s)! UPDATED!
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Author My new guitar(s)! UPDATED!
Muff Wiggler
Long story short, looking for 'the right strat' and it turned out to be a G&L instead of a Fender! this is the guitar i've been looking to own for 20 years, and i'm SUPER SUPER HAPPY

couple photos...

(updated with pics of my ASAT as well etc. Flickr sux)

Sexseeeeeeeeeee 8)
Congrats man grin

Looks very inspiring and has a wonderfull playground of infernal electronic devices to interact with!
So whats the first things on the list to run it through?

Seeing a strat makes me drool for flipping it up into the neck pickup and jamming it into an EHX flanger hoax and delay!

Muff Wiggler
thanks man 8) i'm LOVING this, it's the guitar i've waited my entire life to own.... actually, it's BETTER than that. This thing is the uber-strat

this has been a GREAT week for gear...

monday - new guitar, wiard boogie filter arrived
tuesday - synthacon filter built by john blacet arrived
today - dark star chaos AND TM-5 arrived

man, tonight is gonna be FUN FUN FUN playing my new guitar through the TM-5


hehe, also bought Tourist Trophy for my PS2, so that'll be some fun as well
Muff Wiggler
updated to fix broken image links. you gotta know the reason why by this point. added some new images too. cheers
why on earth would you buy a G&L?
Muff Wiggler
Hink wrote:
why on earth would you buy a G&L?

lol lol

based on some questionable advice from some bizarre american fella... if I ever remember who it was I'm gonna have to take a trip to kick his ass because these guitars SUCK!! mad razz

heh. hardly. welcome aboard Hink, great to have you here bro!
Chuck E. Jesus
hmmm..they let anyone in these forums now meh
nice gtr wiggler i like g and l's

you got a dark star chaos??! i want one whats it like??? oops oops evil
Muff Wiggler
i have two....they are crazy crazy fun....minisynth in a box - VCO, Noise, A/D, crazy goodness! awesome as a sound FX box or as a it
what format are yours?

Muff Wiggler
yep, all my modular stuff is frac or metasonix for now. Expect Wiard 300 format to start arriving in a few months.

I've seen some Dark Star Chaos modules built into MOTM format, but I'd say most of them out there are frac format.

good luck finding one though!
yeah i know :( cynthia made one but its sold out...
I want that G&L tele thingy!
at least you didn't get the silver metal flake thingy!
Awesome thread resuscitation.

BTW, that heavy silver-flake sparkle looks awesome in real life. I played in a band wherein the singer had the John Jorgenson signature model in sliver-flake and it was a fucking fantastic guitar in all ways.
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