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Official Release! v1.0 Firmware
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Author Official Release! v1.0 Firmware
I’m happy to announce the 1.0 version of the nw2s::b firmware. This is quite a milestone in the development of this extremely flexible programmable module.

Until now, the nw2s::b has been a seemingly untamed beast, requiring developer-fu to make heads or tails of the array of inputs, outputs, timers, and display options.

Now non-coders can program the nw2s::b easier than programming your favorite digital/hybrid/virtual sequencer/synth/multi-effect unit. Using an easy-to-read configuration file loaded onto an SD card, entire patches can be built with just a few lines of configuration.

To celebrate, and to get the ‘b into more hands, I’m putting a few of the pre-built modules on sale for a limited time. Once these sell out, I’ll accept back-orders at a slightly discounted rate as well, with just a but of turnaround time for getting them assembled.

For more information, please see:

For some samples of configuration, audio, and video, you can look here:

...And if you want to get one while I have a few more available (and on sale), stock and pricing is available here:
Very exciting! Time to get my ass in gear!!!

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Finally up and running, thanks to Scott, and this module is amazing! I did have a few questions about using the newest firmware.

1) When comparing the firmware reference to the example program there seem to be a few differences (for instance, in the reference for the RandomLoopingShiftRegister there are parameters called "trigger1", "trigger2" etc, but in the default program they are called "triggerOutput1" etc. Will either work or does the reference need updating?

2) I'm assuming that with the SD card inserted, hitting the reset button loads whatever program is called "default.b" in the programs directory?

3) Programs on the card are in JSON format, while the Arduino environment uses the C++ format. What work flow do you recommend while developing a program? I'd love to program in JSON, but I don't want to keep having to swap the SD card between the module and my computer, I'd like to use bluetooth.

If I'm missing some other documentation that explains this just point me to it and I'll shut up.
1. Yes, thanks. I think you've noted a few other errors or omissions in the reference, so thanks for that. I'll update.

2. Yes, when you hit reset, it just loads default.b. Potentially in the future, I'll make it so that when you hit reset, it would "prompt" you to load one of a number (01.b, 02.b, etc...) as indicated by one of the sets of LEDs. This would make it easier to have multiple presets ready.

3. Yes good point. For me, I have been working in the JSON format predominately when I'm actually using it to make noise. Having something that would allow you to upload JSON files over bluetooth or USB would be relatively easy.

You're on Windows, right? Which version? I need to get a Win 7 dev environment up so I can get a few things built for that.

The C++ is better for when you either want a firmware that does nothing but what you want it to do, or, if like a couple of other guys, they want more of an Ardcore approach where they are writing more monolithic sketches and generally bypassing most of the included framework.

I'm on a Macbook Air for the programming, no Windows here.

I doubt I'll get skilled enough at programming to need anything the JSON environment won't allow me, so a way to do that over bluetooth would be amazing!
So I'm probably confused, but is there a way to do this on Mac yet?
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