who has the best knobs?

Cwejman, Livewire, TipTop Audio, Doepfer etc... Get your euro on!

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Post by Qmod » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:26 pm

coomby - really excellent research - did you get as far as part numbers or product codes?

did the French rep indicate unit price based on 500pcs?

Let me have a crack at it because I believe the Aussie Sifam rep in Melbourne may be a little less restricted with minimum quantities (smaller market - tyranny of distance - convicts etc etc.) Although Sifam is a UK operation, I heard a lot of the production is now done off-shore and lead times of 8 weeks is nominal.

I might say an accessable repository of this kind could be big fun for fellow wigglers, particularly euro-rackers who would like a splash of colour in their lives (like me). Why should the banana benders have all the fun?


p.s. sorry about the misguided invitation to start cutting... (aarrghhhhhh)

p.s.s. Amnesia - I love the Livewire knobs too - very Doctor Who!!! (+ was that lamb or beef?)


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Post by amnesia » Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:44 am

you can get the 200e knobs in white tops locally at Jaycar ( Australia)

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