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FINALLY! I believe I have gotten to the bottom of the invalid session and logout issues. Please continue to report your own experience in the appropriate threads in the "Forum Discussion and Requests" subforum. Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

NEW APP cleans and renames files for .WAV Player SD Cards!
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Author NEW APP cleans and renames files for .WAV Player SD Cards!


We come with good news for all .WAV Player users using OSX!

we've just finished a beta version of a new App that will:
Erase all existing directories
Erase all files not ending in .WAV
Force Rename all files to consecutive names
Clean OSX hidden files
Eject SD Card

This is a beta version, reports/feedback is welcome!

Here's the download link:

This new App is Mavericks compatible, It has been reported that the good old Hidden Cleaner App is not running on Mavericks so just grab this one.

Just to be extra clear, with this App you don't need to respect the file naming anymore (a,b,c,d…), you can drop any *.wav or *.WAV file in the card and it will rename them to convention accepted by the .WAV Player module.
The console view will show you all the renaming done, so you can also track which files went to which position.
.wav files still need to be Mono, 16bit 22050hz.

New version online!
Now works for 36 files, a.wav to 9.wav.
If more than 36 files are found remaining will be deleted.

We're also working on a Windows solution, stay tuned!

all the very best
Amazing! Looking forward to testing this later.
omg! SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo w00t Guinness ftw! thumbs up

seriously, thanks.
Works great! Thanks!
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