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Power Requirements
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Author Power Requirements
Finally getting around to unpacking and setting up this beast.

I admit to being not so tapped in to all the finer points of power in Euro. Does this thing require anything special? I don't have any other module that comes close to it in size or weight.

I can place it in Doepfer A100 G6 [+/-12 v/ 1200 ma (known as the psu2)] or a Doepfer Monster Case. [max. module current: 4.8a (four power supplies 1.2a each, one power supply is assigned to two bus boards)]

Is it just plug and play with these?

Guinness ftw! TIA.
Yes, you won't have any issues with that power supply. It only requires +/- 12V, no 5V required. Reports are that at idle, it's about 200mA, and the only big draw above idle is the LEDs which, even when they are all full-blast will only be about 100mA more.

I've used it with my 9U A-100 power supply, a uZeus, and a pittsburgh Cell 48, all with no issues.

There was one user who was having an issue with the uZeus, but it was a bad power cable which was replaced.

sweet, time to get to it then. thanks!! Guinness ftw!
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