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Osamu Sato
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Author Osamu Sato

Composer and designer, founder of OutSide Directors Company, mostly known for LSD: Dream Emulator "videogame" for Sony Playstation. I like his music very much (though mostly released albums, not patterns from games). And he is also an author of book or two.

You can read about games here

Now, some music nanners

Oh, looks like Osamu Sato has some new releases lately.

All Things Must Be Equal n/master/1154049



Also interesting interview @ Red Bull Music Academy

Back then I was doing a lot of silk-screening in school, prints with design, art and graphics. I loved music, but as a listener. I was really into groups like YMO and Kraftwerk. I thought it would be cool if I could do something like that, too, but synthesizers were super expensive, and I didn’t have confidence in my ability to do the kinds of things they were doing. All the same, the more I listened to electronic music, the more the electronic sounds, the beeps and boops, took hold of my mind. Kraftwerk and YMO only had one or two albums out at the time, so after I played them into the ground I found myself looking for something new. I would hit up the import record shops and buy up anything they had listed as electronic music or that was said to be electronic music. What I came across while doing this was musique concrète and other types of modern electronic music. The first time I heard it I was like, “If you call it music then it’s music,” but it’s also not music in a sense. I was really blown away that there were people out there putting out whole records of that stuff. And there was that track “Come Out” by Steve Reich that plays a sample from the radio of someone saying “come out” over and over the entire time. I was just like, “OK, I guess it’s fine to release stuff like this.” I was into art, so you have musical notation, and there a bunch of modern music guys out there drawing these pictures, graphical notation, and calling them proper musical scores. All of this opened my eyes to that realm of music and helped me realize I could make music, too.
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