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Something is coming....
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Author Something is coming....

In the last few years, I've spent an exhaustive amount of time with the Metasonix ouvre, from the TM-series modules, through to the Wretch Machine (which I have an innappropriately intimate relationship with ambulance )

In the last few years, I've also done some sample library work for hire - several issues of Computer Music, as well as some preliminary library work for various projects which for one reason or another never came to light.

And so, I'm pleased to announce that, in short time, I will be releasing a series of very special sample libraries focusing on Metasonix products through my company Totalmusik. I don't want to give up too much information as the initial product is still in the last stages of development and the following 5 products have a planned timeline and release schedule, but I do not want to rush them out the door just to get them out there....

I will give you one crumb though - the first release will be the largest sample library to date of ANY Metasonix tube-based synthesizer. Period. It will be pure, raw, meticulously sampled INSANITY, yet by nature of my OCD will be playable, malleable, and will truly surprise both people who have owned and those who have only heard of the monstrous power of Metasonix.

I'll throw updates here once I have more to offer, just thought I'd get the ball rolling, and if anyone has any questions, I'll see if the PR department will let me answer them hihi
w00t The noise has just begun!
we're not worthy
Hey, I just wanted to say, I really, really enjoyed your sample tracks for Metasonix's website. One is a real favorite of mine, good luck with your sample set, I'm sure it will be BOSS. SlayerBadger!
cheers guys Drinking

everything is coming along very very nicely... for updates and such!
Is the intro on Shadow a Wretch?

... that sound makes me SlayerBadger! twisted Dead Banana
That sound is actually my old .com modular, though it's certainly in the realm of possibility with the wretch machine!
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