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Verbos Voltage Multistage demo video: complex envelopes
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Author Verbos Voltage Multistage demo video: complex envelopes
Hi all,

I've finally sorted out my video setup to some extent, so I can start making some demo videos. I decided to begin with the Voltage Multistage, as it's a powerful but complicated module with a lack of demo videos.

In this case, I just went with mic sound, since I'm not really demonstrating the audio quality, but in the future I'll record better quality audio. I'm thinking about a few more Verbos VM demos, one covering off its core functionality and what sets it aside from conventional sequencers, and one or more covering audio rate operations and other tricks.

Any feedback or suggestions on my first demo video would be appreciated thumbs up
You can't possibly make enough of these. Clear & concise presentation. Much appreciated.
visible cow
Would love to see more videos of the multistage. I'm strongly considering picking one no small part to your audio demos.
we're not worthy
visible cow wrote:
Would love to see more videos of the multistage. I'm strongly considering picking one no small part to your audio demos.

This! Really interested in the Multi Stage, would love to see some more demos of it. Thanks for sharing! thumbs up
Thanks, all! Now I'd better get on with it hihi
thanks for this. up to now i have merely been using the multistage as a sequencer. i hadn't looked for connections within the module. eye-opener tp someone new to modular synthesis. and 1 to remember.
I recently was in the lucky position to take over a set of Verbos modules. The set has 2 Voltage Multistages. I followed the video to set the Multistage to work as an envelope generator.

All works except that the Multistage resets when the gate is released. Instead of continuing with the step after the sustain stage, it will go to step 1 and runs until it gets to the stage defined as stop.

So with a positive gate: stage 1 starts, stage 2, 3, 4, it holds as long as the gate is high on stage 5 which I set as sustain, then when the gate is 0 it will start stage 1 again up to 7 which I set to stop. I expected it to continue with stage 6 when the gate gets 0.

Both my Multistages have the same behaviour. Any one has the same experience? Would there be something wrong with my modules or have I just overseen something?
Are you sure your gate source goes from high to zero cleanly? No little spike when it goes to zero, that could be re-triggering the multistage prematurely? And is it really 0 v when it's low, no little offset? Have you tested with a different gate source?
I've also recently acquired this module - and as has been abundantly confirmed in other threads, the learning curve is incredibly steep. I've been short on the time I'd like to spend really learning its capabilities, however, even basic functionality of its seperate elements is difficult to decipher. I'd be interested in crafting or assisting someone in coming up with a homespun manual, I really need something with a diagram of the module and really simple breakdown of what inputs and outputs are best suited for. The paragraph-styled explanations in the spec sheet just don't help make things clear to me.

Could we dedicate this thread to the VMS? Patching tips and group problem-solving all in one would be much appreciated versus trawling the lengthy main Verbos thread.

Off to the MARF documents for now....
Indeed I noticed the strobe trigger led blinking on the release of the sustain/gate. Must be the gate signal. I used the other multistage to generate the gate. Interesting, if the calibration of my multistages is as designed, the gate of the multistage used as sequencer is not clean enough to properly use a multistage as envelope with it.
Yep - not wishing to hijack this thread but I'd also appreciate the existence of a dedicated VMS info/help thread! help
thanks for this!
excellent!!!! well done. Thanks!!!! we're not worthy
I was able to create the envelope in the video opening this thread and begin to operate each element of it and get the results expected. I deem this a "success" rather than a "confounding / confusing" experience as some of my previous attempts to patch have gone. I'm in another state visiting family but I'll sketch up the full patch on modular grid later.

Perhaps even begin on the creating of the manual.
awesome. thanks for that
let's make a graphic patch and user manuals for all Verbos. ( and Mungos) This is fun!
Wow thanks so much for this!! +1 for mungo demos.. What a killer demo of a complex module though applause
Has anyone gotten further with a Multistage manual or additional demo videos? I recently added this and would like to better understand its full function.
Sorry, carvingcode, I sold this module.
blaerg wrote:
Sorry, carvingcode, I sold this module.

No worries. I found a lot of details in other forums and a few other videos.
This thread fizzled like a VMS patch... Dead Banana
Thanks for that video!! Incredibly informative.

I would love to see the following happening:

- a stage output patched into the "enable" input allows the clock to run only when the "start" input is high. this can be used to make lfos or sequences that only run while a key is held.

- when the "strobe" input is pulsed, the setting of the "analog" control and cv input selects the stage. this is usable as a reset or to jump to any specific stage of the sequencer. if the "strobe" button is pushed, the stage is selected. if the button is held, the "strobe" will latch open, turning the led on. the stage can then be actively selected from cv and the analog control. the module can then act as a quantizer.

yes somebody please make a comprehensive video walkthrough of this wonderful module. even as a sequencer it's proved hugely versatile but alas my own approach with is has been anything but methodical.
Excellent video, thanks a lot!

There's a note on the vid about the glitching on the start of the attack. I'm experiencing the same issue when I use the gate output on my BeatStep Pro. I noticed 2 blinks on the VMS strobe input for a single gate sent from the BSP. However, even if it blinks twice, I might not necessarily get the glitch at the attack.

Anyone have thoughts on that?
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